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Quest for God!

Updated on October 24, 2013

Creation as per scriptures!

How we delve on the idea of god?

Why should one begin a quest for god, an unknown entity? What exactly the name ‘god’ conveys? These are all some of the questions mooted out by rationalists who do not want to believe in some unknown power. From the good old days, there is controversy regarding the subject god. The faithful and believers always asserted that the supreme power exists and that power alone is the cause of the seen universe. Thus the believers have adopted many different ways to worship the supreme whereas the rationalists always fight the concept of god.

Whether one believes in the concept of god or not, the idea of the existence of the power, cannot be whisked away. Nobody can deny the existence of cause and effect. We are seeing the effects very much everywhere but where is the cause? Now everyone is aware of the force ‘gravity’ after several scientists have vouched about the existence of gravitational power. When a cricket ball is thrown up, it invariably comes down after exhausting the kinetic force. Hence around the world, scientists are inventing rockets with great thrust to position the satellites beyond the gravitational pulls of earth. All the space missions were possible since the scientists have calculated the force required, to take the satellites to great heights.

Even before such inventions, gravity existed since the time of creation. In fact, gravity is the very reason for the orbiting planets to remain in position without sliding down. Earth is also held in position because of the gravitational forces that exert on the earth by other planets too. All the planets move around the sun in fixed orbits. If you consider the weight of each planet, it will be baffling calculations. Everything is suspended as though by some unknown power. How the rationalists explain about the seen universe? They are seeing the universe and they can never deny it. But they will assert that it is only nature. But they won’t go into the question of the root cause for the nature! Even the scientists have no idea of the power but they start their research based on an assumed theory of Big bang. It is immaterial whether one accepts the concept of a supreme power. But the results are very much here.

It is the considered belief of the theists that God showers his grace and love on all equally. Have you observed rainfall over an area? The entire area gets rainfall. Rain never distinguishes between the good and bad, theists and atheists. God, the creator of all the elements on earth has done so for the sake of the inhabitants of the earth and not for his sake. He needed only one thing; a pure heart that recognizes his love and shares it with the entire creation. Hence Sathya Saibaba often tells his followers and students; “Love All; Serve All. Help Ever; Hurt Never; All are One, Be alike to everyone. Of course, these philosophies can be found in the Bible as taught by Jesus Christ as well as in the Quran, of Prophet Mohammad. All major religions of the world aver about the unity of mankind and the fatherhood of God. As per the teachings, everyone is brother and sister! Hence Swami Vivekananda thundered in the Parliament of Religions long ago, “Brothers and Sisters of America, while addressing the huge gathering of delegates who represented the various religions of the world! While referring to humanity, Vivekananda has said, the centers are everywhere (beings) but the circumstance is nowhere (God). The idea is “God cannot be understood by human intellect. He cannot be measured by human intelligence.

God is beyond human concepts. Human mind can perceive the external world but not god. But God can be experienced as Love and Compassion. Hence the saints preach man to be compassionate with one another and love one another. So long as man worship wealth, women and gold, he is fully bound to the earth and he can never escape from this earthly existence. If one wants to escape from the clutches of the mind and world, he should embrace the idea of Divine and see God in every being. Then he won’t hate anyone. Everyone in the world seek harmony and peace. None wants hatred and enmity. The perverted mind seeks disunity and confusion. They indulge in malpractices and immorality. Hence our vision should be corrected to seek the Divine in every one whether one is a friend or foe. The mind judges someone as good and some as bad. In fact, we have no authority to judge the creations of God. Due to the opposite forces, the creation goes on. All seasons are welcome in human life. We cannot oppose summer due to scorching heat. The heat prepares the soil for the next cultivation. The rainy season is a welcome change from the heat for all beings including plants and trees, birds and animals, the human being and earth. Otherwise no life will exist on earth!

In fact, the changes keep us in good spirit. We cannot enjoy a long winter season or rainy season. We hanker for the Sun’s rays to penetrate the earth once again. Plants and trees survive because of the rays of the sun. It is thus the ecology of the earth is maintained. Plants absorb the carbon-di-oxide and produce oxygen. All animals, birds and beasts including fishes and human beings breathe oxygen! We are aware of the computer programs which enable us to perform many tasks. One has to understand the meticulous ways of nature(god)


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