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Loosing Your Faith-Trust In God

Updated on June 1, 2013

Answer: Yes you can lose your faith- Let's look at what is faith and how to get it...and keep it!

Faith is actually trusting God. Faith comes by hearing the word of God because his promises are in there,about his love,the power we have in Christ to overcome,his protection,speaking his word is powerful and a weapon.& more.

Faith is an active I trust you God...and this and this are what your word says about what is going on in my life..knowing what God words says and what God will do for us gives us hope and we trust him like a child does there earthly father.
Like a child isn't scared to jump and knows there father will catch them..because he is he's probably done it before..this is how we are to go after God's promises and trust him (God is moved by our trust/faith)...our jumping into his(God's)arms is for us to trust God's word given to us, to know and believe he is all powerful.

God is moved by our trust/faith in him.We must believe or we have no hope ..without hope there's no substance...without substance there is no FAITH or Trust in God.God wants us to want him...all of him-

Every Promise, opportunity, to know His love, for you to love him.He has a plan for you. A path for you.In order for you to get those directions,understanding even sometimes -for your life to turn around, for peace to come (Jesus is the Prince of Peace), for the torment to stop, for strength to come,to overcome and be healed-YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO REACH OUT AND TAKE HIS HAND.

Take a mustard seed sized faith and open the door to Jesus... he knocks on the door of your heart. How he redeems us from the dirt, and chaos that sin has caused in our lives is by cleansing us...he redeemed from from death and eternal separation from God.It's FREE and God doesn't want to condemn you...that's why you will not be condemned with the world that rejects Jesus Christ. Because you called out to Jesus "Jesus save me, you died on the cross for my sins, I choose to believe in my heart that God raised you from the dead 3 days later.. Jesus you defeated sin so I and everyone that calls on the name of Jesus shall be saved. Jesus you are my Lord forgive me for my sins and fill me with your Holy Spirit- Let me lead a life that brings you Glory.Lead me on your path.

So yes we can choose to stop trusting God & our faith will start to decrease...or flip it and we can start trusting God and find out what he has promised us and of his faithfulness to all generations that honour and serve him.By putting the truth of God's word in us, our faith will automatically start to grow and than we can believe on God's promises that shined a light of hope to us.

When we stop having faith/trust in God and let things slowly go backwards at first and than before you know it full speed the opposite direction from God. Instead we need to get close to God and don't let satan's lies stay in your mind...what does the bible say about what you are feeling,going through...etc?

Are we supposed to walk away from God by sinning while under pressure?NO. Or are we supposed to run to him for strength,shelter,safety, and refuge in the name of Jesus.YES. Also refusing to stay where you are at & to go back to where you came from.So you continue to trust God letting Him finish and bring you into your purpose.

How are we supposed to stand when the attack comes? The full armour of God read Eph 6...& Pray,praise and worship.For unbelief prayer and fasting as Jesus told his disciples when they ask why they could not cast the demon out of the boy.

When Jesus was attacked by satan during his 40 dy fast tempting Jesus to trade the kingdom of God for this world and everything that's in it... he spoke the word of God against every lie that satan told...satan tempts us to give up what God has promised us and to keep us out of God's Kingdom of give up our inheirantance,our authority in the name of Jesus. Satan wants us to give up too just for some stupid temporary pleasure,false peace. But you see Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us,lead we should never trade the comfort that God will give us as we seek him,trust him because satan's counterfeit comfort..peace, & pleasure are only to steal our rights he gets us to willing hand them over through deception,lies,seduction.

Anything to get you out of the sheep flock to kill you as a wolf would. Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that precedes out of the mouth of God. Pray that you don't enter into temptation Jesus said.

When we have done all God has said to stand we stand...with our loins girt about with truth..which is the word of God....which is the living water that will flow out of our bellies....which is declaring the truth,life and light in Jesus Christ....which this is how we are lights in a dark world. We have the truth...the word of God- which we overcome by the word of God...the blood of the Lamb. And this will not be by our power or might but by the spirit of God...The Holy Spirit (God's Spirit) brings to our remembrance the word of God...Which we are to hide the word of God in our hearts...So we don't sin against God...So we will remember it and do we stay on the path of Life. Anyone that will follow and do God's word...believing on His Promises...placing your hope,faith & trust on God will have a life transformed. You will find that God is all the strength you will ever need to rely on and there is no one like Jesus- No one loves us like God does and He is FAITHFUL.

I Will Bless The Lord


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    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 

      6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      HB, with a clear warning to continue to trust

      Nice job with a clear warning to continue to trust. Thanks for putting this out for us.


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