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Existence of God

Updated on December 15, 2010

Revelations of God

Does God Exist?

Since the time first human being evolved on earth the answer to this question has been inquired. Every race and every human being used his own faculties to solve the answer to this question. When there were no scientific methods people use to attribute the presence of God as something supernatural and they said that it is beyond their scope to understand this phenomenon. When scientific methods evolved scientists tried their best to seek the answer and still today they are working on it.  The branch of science that deals with the concept of theology, religion and God is called as metaphysics.  Several scientists totally disagree with metaphysics and they say that there is no need of such philosophy but others are working to find out solution to the questions that have to be solved yet.

Nothing can be created without a creator:

Long scholars, philosophers and scientists who believe in the existence of God have debated that everything and every object in the world has been created by someone and thus this world should also have a creator.  Nothing can create from itself without any creator, manufacturer or producer. The names can be different but there is always someone behind the creation of everything.

Looking at this world every creature and object in this world is artistically marvelous, aesthetically beautiful and elementally correct. Everything has been created in such a way that it has certain utility and every living organism has its own role in the world. To say that these organisms have been created out of nowhere and no one is their creator seems logically wrong. The system of organs in human body and than microscopic arteries and capillaries has all been created in perfect size, shape, and position.

Prophets prophesies:

Every prophet prophesized for future that have been proved right to greater extent. Though prophets were people who had great knowledge but it does not mean that whatever they said was purely their opinion but in fact there was God’s guidance involved in it.

Prophets knowledge of past:

The time duration between one prophet and the next was more than hundreds of years. At that time the channel of communication and information were not that sound. Information about one era could not be easily obtained in the other but prophets knew a lot about the prophets in previous times. This means that there were angels or other sources through which God told them about previous eras and their situation.

The non-physical nature of God:

Atheists argue that how there can be something supernatural that you can neither see, nor touch and cannot even smell or feel. Believers say that there are other immaterial things like love, beauty, pain and other feelings that you cannot, see, touch or smell but still they are there so one can say that there is a God too whom you can only feel if you believe in Him.

Humanity and God:

If there is no God then people would have no concern for right and wrong. As they will feel that there is no judgment for their deeds and everyone will commit sin without any hesitation.

 God as the most superior being:

There is always someone on top of someone. In this world there is always someone superior to the other. Science, logic and ethics all say for the supremacy of God. The nature’s laws and their order show that there is someone who is supreme to human beings who has created this world and made its laws.



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