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Questions Christians should answer: 1

Updated on January 19, 2015

A big question about Christianity is I think whether or not Christianity is compatible with living on earth.

Is Christianity, a paradigm in which we see the whole world and our lives, valid or at least something that makes sense?

Quite frankly I can't be sure of it.

Christ himself asserted that his kingdom is not on earth, and his gospel mainly focuses on spiritual realm. Looking back at Christ's life on earth, he chose to be defeated on earth by refusing to participate in the earthly politics, and win instead in the so called spiritual realm.

Actually all his doctrines and teachings appear not so compatible with living in this world, though admirable and idealistic in many senses.

Love your enemy. Die to live. Turn the other cheek when slapped. Don't borrow but rather lend. Give rather than receive.

But when I offer myself as a guinea pig for my fellow Christians so that they could practice all of them at my expense, they categorically refused to do so. They just wanted to see me do like them.

Whether you like it or not, living on earth involves something more than spiritual or ideal. This world was not and is not like what Christ envisioned and never will be.

Christ teachings are only suitable to those who are ready to die rather than live on earth. no wonder that we have so many martyrs ever since. So Christianity, as one of notorious theologians declared, is indeed a barbaric religion.

Too many died and still dying for the faith, and I am left to wonder what for? To prove what?

First ten questions or so are not much of interest as far as I am concerned.

Whether or not the people he mentioned above ended up in hell is not an issue any more than they are dead.

I find it very irrelevant to question whether some people are in hell or heaven. What I instead think from that particular mindset is that I am saved and based on that faith I can afford to think about others and their conditions.

But this allegedly good willed question seems very disturbing by itself. And I totally agree that that's outright condescending no matter how the intentions are original and good.

Perhaps it tends to more reflect on self-confidence than it actually implies that I am saved unlike others.

But Christianity's bottom line is a universal doom scenario in which all have been condemned to hell by default. This ultimate pessimism or defeatism underlies deeply in the doctrine.

So the question actually points at the degree of irrelevance or severance between those Christina minded and the world.

But questioning the validity of prayer seems logical, especially for me. Yeah, if you delve further into the profound depth of Christian mentality, what matters is God's will, not your will; God's way, not your way; God's desire not yours, and so on.

Of course, why not? And you will be told that the ultimate virtue is your obedience even to death. Look at Christ. He died for your sin in obedience of God the father's will.

Now you are left with heart-grinding questions: why does God want anyone to die? Isn't it enough for him to have his only son die on the cross?

Don't think I am blaming God and his profound intention for human salvation. Just can't help questioning its validity. Even sacrificing his only begotten son, God isn't obviously satisfied with that horrific death.

And believe you me, there are tens of thousands of deaths more horrifying than cross. How many martyrs have been since Christ? The toll numbers are simply astronomical throughout generations, nations and cultures up to this day.

What purpose will more deaths actually serve? His divine providence? That's foreclosing all the arguments. We shoulnd't resort to that. Then no logical theological argument and theology will be needed for the first place to defend God or Christianity.

If his only begotten son's sacrifice can't make things any better, why would God bother first place?

Nothing ever changed. People still sin, kill and die. Human life that appears to be never ending in that cycle never changed.

So God is everything and everything there is to it.

Then why God bother asking us to pray? After all he will do what he wants in the end. Obedience? What kind of end-point will that blind obedience serve? To make humanity like robots recorded machine praising God's glory?

Say, granted that we are all evil and deserve to die in hell. But what is God doing constantly toying human emotions and its retarded mental psyche?

It is nothing but a dictator who operates concentration camp where billions prisoners are already sentenced to death and do some biological experiments on them and feel no guilty of that, because they deserve to die , and he has all rights to do on them.

And the dictator says, do according to my way and sin not and believe in what I show you, then you shall live and even if you die you shall live in heaven with me or you are condemned to hell.

God is good; of course he is good. Why not? Everything good comes from God, and everything bad comes from you and devil, an entity never defined quite clearly except he appears to be the father and master of your sin.

So easy.

Keep praying, be modest, and diligently seek his kingdom! But for what? It's like a well rehearsed game you join to compete.

It's like an educational agenda: if you work hard enough, you will be successful. That's a lie. Yeah there is an ingredient of truth. You can soar through the cloud of what you call competitors as high as your pathetic life renders.

But all population of students work hard and they achieve as much as Einstein, there still will be first and last, and you will never reach the top. Only one out of millions, that include yourself, reserves the seat.

You shall keep blaming yourself , because you never reached the top as promised. Setting unrealistic goals and penalize people for their failure thereof is tantamount to fraud.

The nice propaganda that fools generation after generation.

Why do you think God wants you to pray?

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    • Say Yes To Life profile image

      Yoleen Lucas 3 years ago from Big Island of Hawaii

      Christianity sure defies logic, doesn't it? That's why they really have no right to declare themselves the One True Religion.

      In a world comprising over 7 billion people spread out over millions of square miles, with 6000 cultures, there's more than one way to think. Since none of us has all the answers, we should be willing to listen to each other's ideas and debate them in a sane, sensible manner. Your hub is proof of that - voted up!