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Questions of God - What do most people want?

Updated on September 20, 2012
All  these photogaphs are taken by the Hubble Telescope.  What a wonderful universe we live in!
All these photogaphs are taken by the Hubble Telescope. What a wonderful universe we live in!

Questions of God - What most people want

The answer you read below came through Automatic Typing (not unlike automatic long-hand writing or the words that come to a real poet, it comes through an aspect of oneself that is difficult to explain. It is larger, more profound than that concocted by the intellect and is not consciouly compiled. Whether you believe in this phenomenon is not so important as the message contained. Enjoy the read.

Response to my question:

Your question is important in that it shows what you want: an answer that is applicable to all people. Such an answer won’t be forthcoming because all people want different things; they set up different sets of priorities. Though this is so, there are certainly a number of commonalities. Most people want security. This can never be gained, for there really is no security in life. The wealthiest can be tumbled from their high societal positions and rendered into poverty. War can devastate, as can Nature, the very foundations of the greatest and most opulent of peoples anywhere on the planet on which human kind has its dwelling. So there is no security.

People wish and yearn to return to Me

That accepted, a certain peace comes into play. It is a knowing that, deep down, everything is all right; everything is going along as it should. Few people have this knowing. You haven’t. That is why you ask of Me this most basic of questions.

People wish and yearn to return to Me. That is they want to rejoin the All that is Me. Whilst people live upon the earth they are separated to a great extent from Me. They live in flesh, and flesh is prone to decay as well as growth. People know in their deepest being that they are only here on earth for the shortest of times and this is what troubles them. Their ‘temporariness’ is at the heart of it all. You will note that in youth and even in middle age most people live for a future. In late old age they long for a past that never was. Only in their imaginings did those days of early bliss and happiness have any reality for them.

People will not accept what is in their lives...

So, people will not accept what is in their lives at the present moment but are always yearning and longing for what has gone before or what they expect will happen in their lives in the future. This makes for a certain amount of unhappiness. Yet, they are travelling towards something. That something is deemed by them to be better. Yet that moment of pure happiness in the now is so fleeting that even as it is upon them it is lost in analysis and introspection.

What you do is what you become

You cannot know peace in this world except by losing yourself temporarily in some sort of occupation where you disappear into the background and what you are involved in at that moment becomes you. You and the action are one. You and the thought are one. But, the thought or the action need be one that brings pleasure to you and is at least aimed at bringing the same to others. You need to remember that what you do is what you become. This only refers to your personality and character upon the Earth Plane, of course. Once you return to the dimension from which you emanated out into a human body, the character and personality are no longer as important. It is the real you, that part of you which is Me that returns, and a glorious and wonderful return it is, too, to most of those who live upon your world

Heaven exists. It is as real as the Earth is real

Heaven exists. It is as real as the Earth is real. That is, it is made up of vibrations that are deemed to be solid. Flowers and trees and grass and rocks and rivers and lakes are all there in the heaven you will go to, Tom. You will love it. But that is not the question you sought an answer to. There is little or no fear in you about dying and passing over now. No, you asked “What do most people want?” and in my roundabout way, via your subconscious and automated writing, I am telling you.

The ego does not wish to be anhiliated

What most people want is to return to Me. I’ve already said that. But the ego part, the artificial part of each human being, which has been built up almost since their time of birth, does not wish to be annihilated. It does not want to go the way of all flesh- break down into what it was before it was formed. The ego of each human being is, in its way, a life form of its own. It is a life form that I have allowed each one of my myriad separate human souls to develop to enable them to experience both joy and sorrow, ecstasy and pain. Without an ego-body, without an ego mind there is no experience upon Earth. So what would be the point of a life if there were to be no experience?

You chose the circumstances into which you are born

You and every human being chose – whether you accept at the ego level this notion is neither here there – chose to be born into the circumstances in which you and they were born. You did. You certainly did. And every experience you’ve had from the time you were born was not so much ordained as ‘readied’ for you to make your impressions upon it – and thereby on the world – so that you could move in any direction you wished. Such is the freedom I have given you. Whether you choose to be locked into a certain way of life or to break free of it is up to you entirely. Only if you go completely against My larger pattern, my larger plans for the world and for the Universe – which, incidentally, is laid down in my Natural Laws – will I intervene and say ‘Nay.”

You have not failed to progress

You have had a tumultuous inner life. The actual development of your skills has been phenomenal in this life time. You have moved ahead in communication in particular, that of secular communication such as creative writing and speaking and storytelling, and also in your ability to communicate with Me at this high level. So in that you have not failed to progress.

Progress towards what? you might ask. Progress towards becoming what you know you are – Me. You have had that revealed to you and until this becomes your main goal in life – the most magnificent vision of the most magnificent event of which you can conceive (in this case it was revealed via an epiphany) you will never be free of this uncertainty, this feeling that you are not pursuing you destiny.

People want to find the path

What do most people want? They want to find the path. They want to know they are traversing the path. They want assurance that they are making progress. Progress toward what? Progress towards inner peace. Anything less than this is a temporary escape and will not bring lasting happiness. Moving towards Me is the prerequisite for happiness. It has all been spelled out so many times: Go with your heart. Develop your intuition. Move in grace towards a life which helps others. Love your neighbor – and those who are not your neighbors but who live far away – as yourself. Connect. Be with. Love one another. All of these things have been said by Me through so many to so many. The world’s people must listen. They must listen to Me within them. Until that happens the world overall will not know peace.

And it is peace which all seek.


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  • Quirinus profile image

    Queirdkus Ω Ibidem 4 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

    Thanks for the hub's timely message, Tusitala Tom.

    My understanding is that we need to let our actions be of lesser and lesser egoic quality, and more and more soulful, which is loving.

    One way of letting go of the ego-based self is by being present to the moment, which you wrote of. I am in complete agreement to that because I believe the present moment is our only pathway to finding Presence and thus Being or "going back to God", which you wrote about also.

  • Tusitala Tom profile image

    Tom Ware 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Thanks, WriterCooperative. Always nice to get some acknowledgement.

  • profile image

    WriterCooperative 4 years ago

    Tom, I found your hubs through an answer you gave on the forums, which I liked. This is a very interesting piece of writing. I vote it up.