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Questions to Mull Over

Updated on April 7, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

There are people who say

That God had Moses write the Bible in the style we have it in today because, according to thees people, The 12th to 14th century Hebrews could not wrap their minds the idea of evolution and life development.

It would have been too complicated for them to grasp. Plus, God would be afraid his people would not believe him nor continue to follow him if he told them the truth about their origins

There are similar arguments that say the same thing and do not give God nor the ancient Hebrews any credit for intelligence, understanding and so on. After all they view the ancient Hebrews as primitive goat and sheep herders, so how could they grasp scientific thought and processes?

Two questions to mull over

Why would God lie to his own people? What purpose would it serve? If his people found out the truth, they would see God as a liar and a sinner. He then could not be the omnipotent, Holy God he claims to be/

Once his people and everyone else found out he was lying, they would stop following him and search for a better God to follow and serve. We know this is true for once the members of the false religions find out their god is not real and they have been lied to, they leave that religion.

God had nothing to gain if he lied and wrote about Adam and Eve, when instead he let an evolutionary process do his creative work for him.

Another question to mull over

If he used the evolutionary process as some secular people and some supposed Christians claim, then why did God let unbelieving people, who rejected him, his love, his plan of salvation, etc., discover how he really created the world?

He had Moses who was trained in the same schools as the Egyptian elites. Moses understood a lot more than everyone gives him credit. Surely, he was capable of understanding how God let things evolve and be able to write them down in clear easy words so everyone could understand what God did.

God allowing unbelievers to discover his creative method is an insult to Moses and his people. Why follow a God who does not trust his own people to record his words accurately?

Shouldn’t God be rewarding his faithful followers and let them know the truth so they can share it with the world and bring more people to salvation and to God? Letting unbelievers discover the truth first only shoots God’s plans in the foot and makes sure no one will be saved.

How can you call people to God, the creator of all things, when the unbelievers got the truth first and give credit to something different from God? It just won’t work.

History sends a message

Throughout history, different biblical manuscripts have been uncovered. As they are compared, and the Dead Sea Scrolls are the most recent ones, they all tell the same story. Doesn’t matter what era they were written or found in, they all say the same thing- that God created all things.

We have had many people throughout history see these records and dedicate their lives to copying and recopying those words. They know they have found the truth and they proclaim that they have found the truth. It goes on still today.

There are ancient manuscripts that do talk about different origins. They can be found in a variety of false religions and libraries and so on. Yet, when they are discovered, not one person runs out claiming they have found the truth. No one dedicates their lives to copying and recopying those ancient texts so that all people may know the truth.

These ancient manuscripts may get a few copiers to write down what was said on those ancient tablets but very few people know about them. Most had been buried for thousands of years.

Even the Nag Hammadi library does not contain an alternate creation account. Most of the time these ancient manuscripts are used to claim that the biblical authors copied their accounts from secular works.

But that is an argument that has no evidence supporting it. In fact any argument against the validity and originality of the Bible fails as history has not given up anything that would remotely say that they Bible is in error.

What did Jesus say

Jesus said in the book of John when he was speaking about God’s kingdom , ‘if it were not so I would have told you.’ This can be applied to Genesis 1. If God did not create the world as He said, would Jesus not have told us?

Think about that for a bit. If Jesus was complicit in the lie, then he is disqualified from being our Savior. We would have no salvation and life would mean absolutely nothing. There would be no hope for the world as another holy supreme being with supernatural power has not stepped forward to take the place of the Biblical God and Jesus.

It is only logical and rational

That God did not lie to Moses and that he told Moses the truth. He created the universe and the world exactly as he said in Genesis 1 and other biblical passages. It is the only logical and rational answer to our origins.

He did not insult his followers nor Moses by letting an unbeliever who rejected him discover the truth of how he created. God let us know from the beginning about our origins and showed his might, his power, and his glory.

There is no other explanation that can replace the truth. Science can’t do it. Scientists is going down the wrong paths, looking in the wrong places for the wrong answers.

The logical and rational option is to go with the biblical account because it is the truth.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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