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May Peace Prevail On Earth: Quotes for Inner Peace.

Updated on October 4, 2008

Peace of mind is not a goal I need achieve. It's a place inside I never want to leave. Close my eyes, I still my thoughts and then I say I will choose to live in peace today.

-Robert Alan

We can only help make our lives and our world more peaceful, when we ourselves feel peace. Peace already exists within each of us, if we only allow ourselves to feel its comfort. Peace of mind begins when we stop thinking about how far we have to go, or how hard the road has been, and just let ourselves feel peace. Peace of mind gives us the strength to keep trying and keep walking along the path that we KNOW is right for our lives.

-Robert Alan

We refocus and rededicate our lives by allowing ourselves to feel inner peace so that we can once again see our greater purpose and know that our lives as peacebuilders are making a difference. We are part of a movement that has worked throughout history towards humanity's greatest goal - creating a culture of peace.

-Robert Alan

People say "I want peace." If you remove I (ego), and your want (desire), you are left with peace.

-Satya Sai Baba

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.

-Richard Bach

Spiritual energy brings compassion into the world.

-Christina Baldwin

Inner peace is beyond victory or defeat.

-Bhagavad Gita

If you're looking for inner peace from the outside world, you're not going to get that. The inner peace starts with looking at you from the inside. Understanding that everything that comes to you is what you are. Everything from friends to boyfriends to the job you get - it's all a direct reflection of what you are on the inside.

-Mary J. Blige

I learned that the interior of life was as rewarding as the exterior of life, and that my richest moments occurred when I was absolutely still.

-Richard Bode

We need to meditate on what is peaceful. Once we have 'filled up' in this way, we once again have an abundance of love to send out into the world.

-Jean Shinoda Bolen

Without peace of mind, life is just a shadow of its possibilities.

-Jean Borysenko

History has shown us that our tendency to colonize and exploit other regions has always backfired. This planet can be made a happier, more peaceful place to live in, but the change will have to come from within the hearts of all of us living here.

-Jagad Guru Chris Butler

Do everything with a mind that lets go. Do not expect praise or reward.

-Achaan Chah

Looking for peace is like looking for a turtle with a mustache: you won't be able to find it. But when your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you.

-Ajahn Chah

If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person. If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.

-Chinese Proverb

Peace starts within each one of us. When we have inner peace, we can be at peace with those around us. When our community is in a state of peace, it can share peace with neighboring communities, and so on. When we feel love and kindness towards others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.

-14th Dalai Lama

When we have inner peace, we can be at peace with those around us. When our community is in a state of peace, it can share that peace with neighboring communities.

-14th Dalai Lama

Acquire inner peace and a multitude will find their salvation near you.

-Catherine de Hueck Doherty

No one can get inner peace by pouncing on it, by vigorously willing to have it ... Peace is a consciousness of springs too deep for earthly droughts to dry up. Peace is the gift not of volitional struggle but of spiritual hospitality.

-Harry Emerson Dosdick

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.

-Peter F. Drucker

For peace of mind, we need to resign as general manager of the universe.

-Larry Eisenberg

Public peace is built in private.

-Quinn Eli

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

No man is free who is not master of himself.


Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

-Brenden Francis

The task we must set for ourselves is not to feel secure, but to be able to tolerate insecurity.

-Erich Fromm

Only by having faith in ourselves can we be faithful to others.

-Erich Fromm

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world -- that is the myth of the 'atomic age' -- as in being able to remake ourselves.

-Mohandas Gandhi

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.


Seek peace. When you have peace within, real peace with others will be possible.

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Real peace is not in power, money, or weapons, but in deep inner peace.

-Thich Nhat Hanh

When you've seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there.

-George Harrison

Try to realize it's all within yourself no one else can make you change, and to see you're only very small and life flows on within you and without you.

-George Harrison

It doesn't matter what we do until we accept ourselves. Once we accept ourselves, it doesn't matter what we do.

-Charly Heavenrich

In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first.

-Jimi Hendrix

Ultimately, we have just one moral duty: to reclaim large areas of peace in ourselves, more and more peace, and to reflect it towards others. And the more peace there is in us, the more peace there will also be in our troubled world.

-Etty Hillesum

Peace is a necessary condition of spirituality, no less than an inevitable result of it.

-Aldous Huxley

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.

-Carl Jung

First keep the peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.

-Thomas a Kempis

The course of human history is determined, not by what happens in the skies, but by what takes place in our hearts.

-Sir Arthur Kent

I am able to close my eyes and generate the feeling of total peace anywhere and anytime.

-Mary Maddox

Keep quiet. Do your work in the world, but inwardly keep quiet. Then all will come to you.

-Nisaragada Ha Maharaj

What happens to a man is less significant than what happens within him.

-Louis L. Mann

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.

-Marcus Aurelius

If he is to be ultimately at peace with himself, what a man can be, he must be.

-Abraham Maslow

Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny.

-David O. McKay

The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul.

-David O. McKay

Charity is in the heart of man, and righteousness in the path of men. Pity the man who has lost his path and does not follow it and who has lost his heart and does not know how to recover it. When people's dogs and chicks are lost they go out and look for them and yet the people who have lost their hearts do not go out and look for them. The principle of self-cultivation consists in nothing but trying to look for the lost heart.


We stumble and fall constantly even when we are most enlightened. But when we are in true spiritual darkness, we do not even know that we have fallen.

-Thomas Merton

The world is not to be put in order; the world is order, incarnate. It is for us to harmonize with this order.

-Henry Miller

Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have.

-Doris Mortman

Peace is not a relationship of nations. It is a condition of mind brought about by a serenity of soul... Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people.

-Jawaharal Nehru

One of the advantages of being born in an affluent society is that if one has any intelligence at all, one will realize that having more and more won't solve the problem, and happiness does not lie in possessions, or even relationships: The answer lies within ourselves. If we can't find peace and happiness there, it's not going to come from the outside.

-Tenzin Palmo

Part of being a helathy person is being well integrated and at peace.

-Candace Pert

"When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.

-Peace Pilgrim

No one can find inner peace except by working, not in a self- centered way, but for the whole human family.

-Peace Pilgrim

World peace will never be stable until enough of us find inner peace to stabilize it.

-Peace Pilgrim

There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you. The criterion is: Have they brought you inner peace? If they have not, there is something wrong with them -- so keep seeking! If what you do has brought you inner peace, stay with what you believe is right.

-Peace Pilgrim

Cultivate peace of mind which does not separate one's self from one's surroundings. When that is done successfully, then everything else follows naturally.

-Robert M. Prisig

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.

-Otto Rank

The true, or higher part of the self is always seeking the state that mystics talk about, the state in which we are filled with a universal love and a peaceful euphoria.

-James Redfield

It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere.

-Agnes Repplier.

Before we can make friends with anyone else, we must first make friends with ourselves.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

When a man finds no peace within himself, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.

-L. A. Rouchefolicauld

You can never evaluate anything standing from outside; you have to evaluate yourself first."

-Aruna Roy

Heaven is to be at peace with things.

-George Santayana

A peace above all earthly dignities, a still and quiet conscience.

-William Shakespeare

Let him that would move the world first move himself.


Some people say they haven't yet found themselves. But the self is not something one finds; it is something one creates.

-Thomas Szasz

Know Thyself

-Thales of Miletus

What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.

-Henry David Thoreau

We can find common ground only by moving to higher ground

-Jim Wallis

The only test of a soul's salvation is its inward happiness.

-Lin Yutang

Living the truth in your heart without compromise brings kindness into the world. Attempts at kindness that compromise your heart cause only sadness.

-Anonymous 18th century monk


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  • Renegade Coach profile image

    Renegade Coach 

    9 years ago from Langley, BC

    Very nice. Great food for thought. I'll be sharing this with my 17 year old.

  • neophytebevs profile image


    9 years ago from Philippines

    "Looking for peace is like looking for a turtle with a mustache: you won't be able to find it. But when your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you." yes iuts true

  • countrywomen profile image


    10 years ago from Washington, USA

    Inner peace is important to be at peace with the world. Great quotes of great people.

  • topstuff profile image


    10 years ago

    Peace is very necessary,inside and all around.Good quotes

  • allshookup profile image


    10 years ago from The South, United States

    Great hub!


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