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Radha Krishna Reunion Series: Part I(i) (From Sri Garga Samhita)

Updated on January 31, 2018
I do not own this image. All rights belong to the owner and source of this image.
I do not own this image. All rights belong to the owner and source of this image. | Source

Time has its own ways and surprise is its essential element. Growing up on the daily dose of tales of Shree Rama and Shree Krishna, given in a generous amount by my mother, watching them re-appear on my television screen, I was too much in awe of them; and like many others I worshipped my idols. But when I grew up, I began to understand Radha ji’s pain and sacrifice a bit more. My heart wished for a different and happy change to Radha-Krishna’s story. Questions like these began crossing my childlike mind: “Was it really so that Radha & Krishna never met again in their lifetime?”; “Is it possible that there was also another hidden angle to their story?” Thus, began my search for my answers. I knew that not many ancient texts and scriptures of ours mention Radha ji expressly. This was so for some reason, I was told by a close associate. Sometime ago, I found the sacred ‘Sri Garga Samhita’. I believe it was written by none other than Sage Garga, who was Shree Krishna’s Kul Guru (family teacher). To my surprise I found that Shree Krishna had in fact met Radha ji twice or thrice after he had left Vrindavan forever. I am still in the process of reading this, and I thought to share extracts of what I read here, with other Radha-Krishna lovers. I believe it is their right to learn of those stories of Radha-Krishna, which they do not know about yet.

Surely, I am surprised as I had never ever thought, that I would know something more or write about one of the most loved ideal lovers of all times: Radha-Krishna.

Shree Krishna Meets Radha In Kadali Van: Part-1

· Uddhav in Vraj: -

One day remembering his friends, family and Gopis, Lord Krishna called out for his friend and devotee (Bhakt) “Uddhav”. In an emotion-filled, overwhelmed voice, the Lord requested Uddhav to go to Vrindavan.

He instructed Uddhav to give ‘One Letter’ to Nandbaba; ‘Second Letter’ to Yashodha Maiya; ‘Third Letter’ to Shree Radhika; and ‘Fourth Letter’ to his childhood friends (other Gwalbaals). Shree Krishna told him that all these loved ones of his, and all the Gopis were in severe mental agony and anguish on account of their separation from him (Shree Krishna); that now Uddhav must go to Vraj to calm them down and soothen their pains. More specifically, Uddhav must render them Shree Krishna’s message. Thus, Uddhav after paying obeisance to Shree Krishna left for Vrindavan.

On reaching Vrindavan, Uddhav gave Shree Krishna’s letter(s) to all the Gops; Nandbaba and Yashoda Maiya, respectively. He also gave them assurances of Shree Krishna’s well being; and that after completing his work, Shree Krishna would definitely visit them all along with Balram (Shree Krishna’s elder brother).

In this way that night passed. The next morning when the Gopis got to know about Uddhav’s arrival, they showed him immense respect and were very happy. When they learned that Uddhav had come there with a message from Shree Krishna, they took him to Kadali Van. Here Shree Radha was sitting on the banks of Yamuna River, in a wistful state. She took the world to be an empty place without Shree Krishna and was only saving her physical body in the hope of meeting Shree Krishna.

Shree Radha greeted Uddhav by providing for all the auspicious things. Uddhav gave her Shree Krishna’s letter, telling her that he would narrate her pain to Shree Krishna. He swore on her feet that he would bring Shree Hari (Shree Krishna) to Vrindavan again. Thus, after giving Radha Ji such assurances of Shree Krishna’s arrival, Uddhav returned to Mathura.

On his return, Uddhav met Shree Krishna and told him all about Vraj. He said that Shree Krishna should go to Vrindavan for the well being of Radhika and other Gopis; that he has promised the people of Vrindavan of bringing Shree Krishna along with him soon. Thus, Uddhav requested Shree Krishna to come to Vrindavan once again.

Thus, leaving Balram in Mathura to keep an eye on other works, Shree Krishna left for Vrindavan along with Uddhav.

· Shree Krishna’s Arrival in Vraj: -

Seeing Shree Krishna in Vraj, the herds of cows came running from all directions, surrounding him. They were shedding tears of happiness; all of their sadness and pains had vanished. Shree Krishna called all these cows by their individual names, and caressed them with his hands. When Shreedama and other Gop children saw a chariot surrounded by their cows, they came to the conclusion that there can be no one else but Shree Krishna himself on the chariot. So, they too went there, and saw Madhav (Shree Krishna) as if they had found a lost thing of theirs. On seeing his childhood friends and others, Shree Krishna jumped from the chariot and hugged each one of them. The scene was such that there were tears of happiness all around, and everyone was speechless as a result of this exuberant state of emotions.

But Shree Krishna calmed everyone down in his sweet voice. Yashoda and Nandbaba who had received this news through Uddhav and a few other Gops, also came there to welcome their son. Soon the entire Vraj had arrived there to greet and welcome their beloved Krishna. Even Shree Radha hearing this auspicious news from other Gopis came there with her group of friends and Gopis.

Note: I am not an expert on ancient Indian scriptures and this is only a brief account from the copy of ‘Sri Garga Samhita’, and not a literal translation of its contents. There can be other versions of Radha-Krishna’s lifetimes and their stories in other scriptures.

Uddhav's Conversation with Radha

Uddhav returns to Mathura, realizes the power of love and devotion

The above videos have been taken from the popular 'Sri Krishna' serial, aired in 1990s, produced by the Late Ramanand Sagar and Sagar Arts. I have no rights on this video. These scenes were somewhat related to my write-up, that's why I am sharing it with my readers.


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