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The Rapture - LOGICALLY Speaking!

Updated on January 2, 2017
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Officially retired but now employed as a financial systems & accounting consultant for a large international firm on short term engagements.

8:04 AM IN JERUSALEM - MARCH 14, 2015

Mark 13:35 it could be " even, or at midnight, or at the cock-crowing, or in the morning". The date of the rapture is 100% according to God's own timetable of which we have zero, nada, zilch inklings or ideas of when that may occur; but do you hear many discuss the TIME of the day and its relevance? It is the time of the day that will have greatest effect upon an unaware world and sad to say this includes the Church. I captured the picture below at a little after 10:00 last night for a specific reason:

  • Whatever time of the day that it occurs; half of the world will be in "just before dawn" to "just after sunset" or different shades of darkness.
  • At 10 PM PDT, this will include Hawaii, both North and South America, 90%+ of Europe and West Africa.
  • If the "Western Church" makes up 10% (I truly think the number is closer to 5%) of the current world's believers, then at the above time we, the Western believers would be in the dark.
  • During periods of "peak" darkness, several things do NOT happen; i.e. commercial traffic such as, air, rail, bus, trucking is at significantly reduced levels. There is less commuting in the major metropolitan areas and the vast majority of the population is absolutely unaware of the news.
  • When 9/11 occurred, I had worked very late the night before and a colleague called to awaken me to the news. The villains behind the dastardly deed knew that the time of day was of the utmost importance to them. The Middle-East was wide awake and would be watching the events live so that the celebrations would be instantaneous and the perpetrators would be glorified.
  • Timing is everything to achieve the effect desired. Never think that our Holy and Sovereign God would ever be "willy-nilly" as to the time of the day for the date He has chosen to remove the Church.
  • In the West, we are the prolific producers of books and films that describe the world immediately going into chaos. Planes crashing, massive earthquakes, missing world leaders and rampant anarchy needing the "Antichrist" to step in and become the world's savior. Scripture does NOT support this notion, which we in the West have so arrogantly portrayed ourselves, the West being the center of all Christianity and the reason for the rapture. Noah went into the ark and was in the ark for SEVEN days before the floods came. During those seven days the existing world was NOT in chaos but as Jesus stated, "...they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew NOT until the flood came and took them ALL away."
  • We in the West have taken the rapture to be the key to the 70th week's beginning, whereas we shall see when I discuss the 144,000, that it is events surrounding Israel that shall usher in God's judgment upon a wicked world and establish His eternal love for His people, Israel.
  • In Asia, including China, India, South Korea and Japan, along with Malaysia, the South Seas, Eastern Africa and of course the Middle East; reside the majority of believers. The removal of the "unwanted" Christians will be a very welcome event. In many of those areas they will never be missed by the general population. Which leaves the WEST.
  • I believe the West will seemingly suffer the most, not because of catastrophes which will follow but of confusion as to what has occurred. There will be gaps that will arise within key markets both domestic and international; we are the world center for trade which includes the "church". The government and the military will continue to function for the most part without a hitch, though some key personnel will be missed. For the "left-be-hinders", all will be seeking answers for a while but we know (tongue-in-cheek) that "time wounds all heels". As Pharaoh had answers for some of the plagues, likewise many will be eventually placated by answers coming from reliable? sources and will succumb to the new world order. Remember, a God ordained delusion is coming (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12).

10:04 PM PDT MARCH 13, 2015
10:04 PM PDT MARCH 13, 2015 | Source

Define Many vs Few

Many vs Few
Many vs Few | Source

We Need a Healthy View of Many vs Few

When Jesus spoke of which gate we were to seek to enter the Kingdom, we are to take the strait or narrow gate. Why? In Matthew 7:13-14 wide is the gate and the path that leads to destruction and is the way of the MANY. Whereas the narrow gate leads to life and it is the WAY of the FEW. Also in Matthew 22:14, "MANY are called but FEW are chosen." These are interesting words:

  • FEW - oligos - 3641 puny (in extent, degree, number, duration or value)
  • MANY - polus - 4183 much in any respect

In Matthew 24:36-44 Jesus addressed the idea of two working side by side when one is taken and the other left behind. In Matthew 25:1-13 the story of the 10 virgins; 5 were prepared, ready and taken while 5 were left behind at the Bridegroom's coming. The 2 of Matthew 24 and the 10 of chapter 25 represent the earthly church. Why do I says this? First of all, these events are written in the Word and we know that only "some" will ever read these passages, for the Word is foolishness to the lost and perishing. Accordingly, some of the "some" are going nowhere. Our current churches are sadly full of those who appear to be our fellow workers and appear to be looking forward to our Lord's coming. If these passages represent anything it is not the 50% left behind but the fact that there are too many among us who have NOT been bought with the precious blood of the Lamb. Verse 25:12 ends with "..I know you not." The word "know" is 1492 eido or oida - meaning to perceive with the outward senses, perceive with eye of the mind, to esteem, acknowledge or to "OWN". These sad individuals have never been purchased for our Lord owns them NOT. In Matthew 7:23 Jesus addresses the "religious" of any age and makes the comment "...I never knew you:.." This is the Greek word ginosko 1097 meaning to know experientially. Loosely translated says "I haven't the faintest idea who you are." To the religious crowd, these will be the most terrifying words they will ever hear for they "know" what is coming.

We need to be Bereans when it comes to the Word or relationships without ever sacrificing loving-kindness, mercy and hospitality. When we encounter someone, new to us, that claims the name of Christ, it is as important for each of us individually to be aware that not all that say "..Lord, Lord" are genuine as well all doctrines others hold to be taken without proving them against the Word. On some, it is so obvious that they love our Lord that it takes no time to establish a bond. Others, not for the lack of love but their personalities may be a little harder to penetrate but when you do, a new world of fellowship opens up. Those who are the "pretenders" will eventually show themselves; as John said, "..they left us because they were never of us." Beware, some are really great at pretending.


There are more reasons why I hold these views and i am reserving them for later blogs which will aid in the development of many of the future elements and doctrines of the last days. This is a fun subject because it takes us out of being relegated only to what we see in one or few scriptures but allows us to use our god given logical brains to broaden the scope of how we approach many issues. too often we piecemeal bits of scripture and run with a doctrine that is only "half" right, whereas when we approach doctrine with a bit of logic, suddenly more and more pieces of scripture seem to fall into place: our doctrines deepen and the impact upon our spiritual lives grow.


How do you find my take on the events surrounding the rapture.

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