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Updated on May 11, 2012

Realize Your Purpose


A few days ago I was walking on the street when I heard something being crushed underneath my feet. I walked on but got curious to know what had happened and walked back to take a look but got glued to the spot having found out that it was a small, dry and brittle snail. I got glued to the spot because the life inside the crushed shell was exposed, the snail was full of life on the inside but looked dead and lifeless on the outside. I felt sorry for this wasted life, for if the snail had come out of its shell and had tried to move around, I would definitely have seen it and would have somehow avoided stamping on it. A question sprang to my mind that if the snail had lived, would it have fulfilled its purpose on earth? if it had moved about in its sluggish, slow natured movement, would it have lived its life to the fullest? For right there i knew every living thing created is created for a purpose in their seasons.

So many people are living a typical snails life. They are coiled on the inside with hidden talents, gifts and seeds. They are living an unfulfilled life, lives of mediocrity, bent, coiled and shelled lives. Talents and gifts are rotting daily while some seeds of life are bubbling and tumbling on the inside of many, eagerly waiting to be sown and germinate for a bountiful harvest. Many talents are being hidden away with nothing to show forth for it, they are contented with their 9-5 jobs, their balanced bank, fleets of cars, a house or houses while some are not contented and happy with their lives. Many people are stuck in the rut, stuck in routines, stuck in the life the society has spelled out for them, and stuck in the affairs of this world; but how long will this be for? How long must we continue to make life, show love and make coffee in a bubble? How long are we going to get stuck between ages and stages, faces and places? How can you be fulfilled in your purpose and your mission on earth? Something has got to give; we need to do something about it and we need to start now.

Find your purpose, maximize your potential and live the dream for until your purpose is found, you cannot be fulfilled, until you come out of the shell, your purpose cannot be revealed and until the shell is broken, you cannot have a clear direction. So break the shell or let the shell be broken and find your purpose on earth. Give birth to what God has placed on the inside of you, Live your imprints on earth, fulfill your mission before it is too late for all of us must carry out the assignments given to us before the night comes when no one will be able to do anything. We must dare to venture out, for courage is born out of crises, don't be tired of experimenting, and keep trying. Don't die with the seeds inside you - keep pressing forward, keep reaching new heights.

Stay blessed and stay connected!


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    • wilmiers77 profile image


      8 years ago from Oklahoma City, OK

      I found my purpose when I turned my life over to God in the name of Jesus. Christianity is loaded with out of the box thinking. Maintaining a personal relationship with God is the road of glory.


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