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Updated on March 31, 2010


The human mind is a very complex factory of thought, without proper understanding of it you found yourself wondering, what is these entire thing that people are talking about. When we talk about human mind development, there are several keys that you must master in order to put your mind under control and proper perspective. And once you are able to guide you mind diligently then you are on your way to achieving success in life. Reflection is one those keys and that is what we are going to address in this article. Reflection is different from meditation; a lot of people mistake them to be the same. Reflection is the art of looking quietly, calmly and critically within for sincere solution while meditation is the quieting of the mind in order for you to hear that still small voice within you. The art of reflection is the ability to use the mind to ponder, and analyze situation for solution and ultimately for success.In my previous article on the human mind, I said the mind is the seat of consciousness, which cannot be seen or touched physically. It is where we draw our conclusions from based on the information fed into it. However, the human mind is not just like the computer that is garbage in garbage out, our minds have the ability to draw more than one set of conclusions from each instances. Our conclusion determines the attitude that we portrait and our attitude determines how we react to issues either positively or negatively. This now implies that, the mind have the ability to store up numerous information that it draws its’ conclusion from. 
As I always say, in personal development, one cannot isolate the role of one’s beliefs from it. Because your beliefs form the foundation, source and the kind of information you access. As we grow and gain experience we develop a data base of information through experiences and beliefs. So whenever we encounter problems and situation, we subconsciously look into this beliefs data base for guidance. Most beliefs are helpful to our daily lives, keeping us safe and also play a major in determining our success in life.
So having said that, some of the information necessitated by your beliefs and experience in life can put you on the path of success and can also be source of inhibiting personal development. Let’s take for instance, if you find yourself frustrated by the inability to move forward on some aspect of your life, a stored belief is likely the cause. It is because the information you are unconsciously reflecting upon for solution are the right one or they are not sufficient. 
Now let’s take a practical look at it, take yourself as a case study because most of have experience at one time or the other; take some time out of your busy schedule and reflect on some of the things you want achieve or do that you fail to do and achieve, try to ascertain the true cause of failure. If you are sincere to yourself, you will find out that there is a belief behind that failure not that the idea actually is the one that failed. If an idea came to you with energy, inspiration, and excitement, yet you somehow failed to follow through on it completely, you have a belief that held you back
Many Often these inhibiting beliefs are things like:
I'm not smart enough 
I can't afford it 
People will laugh at me 
I'll fail 
Who am I to attempt such a thing?
Sound familiar? Now, is the belief true? That's for you to decide after you've brought the subconscious belief out into the open and examined it. Maybe some body told you "You'll never make it in the real world" when you were younger and you believed the person. Is it true now that you're a functioning adult?
Sharpen your awareness and watch yourself as well as others. What beliefs are driving your behavior today? Reflect upon and challenge every belief. Some are helpful. Some are not.


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