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Racial Reconciliation Praying

Updated on September 5, 2015

I'm With a Formal New England Patriots Player

In the recent years, there has been a renewed attention to the racial tension in our country. There has been shooting of black men by white cops and plenty of signs and hashtags saying that black lives matter. Just look up Michael Brown for one example that stands out to me. Then there was the situation in South Carolina when a white man opens up shooting during a prayer meeting in a black church. That situation had tv stations deciding not to air the Duke of Hazards because now the Confederate Flag means racism. And all of this doesn’t include all of the facebook posts I have seen about all of this.

This blog will be about praying for racial reconciliation, not only between blacks and whites, but between whites, Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, and any other groups living in the United States. This is a complicated issue. And I don’t believe in a minute that I will solve this issue. I even posted this question on social media and also here in hubpages, asking people for their opinion. Thanks everyone for answering, I will be incorporating your thoughts in this blog, along with some of mine. I might even need to write more than this one blog so I can keep this at a reasonable length.

Newsboys, Racially Mixed Group

Before I give you a list of ideas, look up 2 Corinthians 5:18. It says right there that Jesus gave us the ministry of reconciliation. As Christians, we need to be involved in this. This could be reconciliation with God or reconciliation between races or nations. But none the less, we are to be at work and praying for this. So, here we go - here is my list:

  • Assess Where You Are At: The first place is to realize your own history with regard to this issue. I grew up in New Hampshire, which is one of the whitest states in the country. For a long time, the only time I would see a black person was when I visited Boston. My first black classmate wasn’t until middle school. I say this because this wasn’t an issue for me growing up. It became an issue when I worked for InterVarsity because racial reconciliation was one thing we talked about a lot. With this in mind, how do you assess where you are at?

  • Talk with God: We need to pray and be honest with ourselves. Then realize because of your experiences, no matter what they are, you have something to offer to the process of reconciliation.

  • Recognize Your Cultural Identity: This is harder for us whites to do than the other cultures. But we have one! And there are good things about it. Let’s embrace what is good and not focus on our past. Don’t be afraid to ask God.

  • Be Honest About Who You Are: Come to God and ask him to reveal to you how you feel about this topic. Also, open up to Him about how you feel about the terms we use and about other people. For example, I don’t like the term Native American because it has become to be used for only one race of people. I realize that it is about how they are connected to the land they were here first, but this isn’t the country of India. I like the term First Nations or the name of their tribe, like Penobscot here in Maine.

Another Newsboys Song

  • Pray About Opportunity to Learn: If we don’t take the time to learn what others are thinking or believing, we can never move forward. And I wouldn’t just learn for the sake of learning, but learn to understand. One person who is coming to Maine who has dealt with this issue is Pastor Patrick from Rwanda. He is coming to Maine later this month and will be speaking at different churches. Check out C-Rev’s facebook page and the African Bright Future Ministry for more information. Links are below. .

  • Relationships to Be Formed: Pray for RELATIONSHIPS across races to form. This is praying for you to form relationships and for others. I have great value in my friendships with others from another race. While it is hard to form them here in Maine, I will continue to be on the look out for that. I’m especially thrilled for one of the friendships that my son has formed with a black teenager in his grade.

  • Your Thoughts: This is certainly a topic that I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about. I know that I shouldn’t use my geographical location as an excuse. In my daily life, I know I should be praying for opportunities. Will you join me in this? Also, if you have thoughts, I would greatly appreciate hearing them. Please share them either here or on the social media site that you got this blog from.

I’m promised that I wouldn’t make this too long, so I’m going to sign off of this topic for now. As you can see, there is a lot to this topic and I want to handle it right. I pray that I have inspired you to start thinking and praying about racial reconciliation. Please be on the lookout for my next blog on this topic.

Above all, pray. And when you have finished praying, pray some more. And when you think you have prayed enough, pray again. This world and us really need God. Folks - pray early and often!

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    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 2 years ago from Old Town, Maine

      Brian, maybe blacks need to be reaching more to the white community.

    • profile image

      Brian 2 years ago

      There it is. That picture of you and your black skin buddy.

      That sir is who you would want to help you if you was to get into a confrontation with a black person. Lets say a black person thought you was a racist a black friend like the one in that picture would be able to help you better than a white person could.

    • profile image

      Tony Martin 2 years ago

      Most black people do. Most black males in my area have a white girlfriend. It is very easy for a black male to make friends and get a lot of love in white areas, black areas, or hispanic areas. There is no wrong part of town if you are a black male. If I ever had a son I would want him to be black.

      Black females do have it a lot tougher socially. But a black male I think being a black man in America would be a piece of cake. It would just be harder to get into management or be a top dog. But who wants all that stress.

    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 2 years ago from Old Town, Maine

      Tony, thanks for your comment. I laughed when I read your first sentence. I would add the opposite. That it would be smart for black person to connect with a white when in white majority area. Not for projection, but for understanding. Understanding more of the culture, both cultures.

    • profile image

      Tony Martin 2 years ago

      That black guy standing next to you in the picture looks like he could be your bodyguard.

      I have talked to white people who have had trouble in black majority areas or even an area that is maybe 20 percent black. I think it would help a lot if those white people had a black person to help them.

      I have talked to white females who had trouble in black majority areas and I suggested that a big strong black boyfriend could help. That maybe why you see so many white females dating black guys these days because a black man is usually good for protection. And there are a lot of nuts out there no matter where you go.

    • profile image

      Big E 2 years ago

      It does not seem like god wants me to go for it at the moment. My mom told me she would throw me out of the house and not will the house to me if I did it. I do not make much money and would be miserable if I tried to make it on my own. I need all the help I can get. I am a simple man. If I did go undercover as a black man it would have to be easy, safe and affordable.

      I am trying to make a difference. I have a friend who wants to be a cop and I told him if he does it black skin would be like a security blanket for him. Those white policemen need black skin in my opinion. I would not want to be a white policeman for anything in the world. Black skin would be like an angel to a good policeman.

      The commercials always show the black man as tough and cool and the white guy as weak and nerdy. I do think black skin can make you look tough. I feel like black skin is good for protection you are less likely to get robbed. Don't have to watch what you say as much. If a white person criticizes Obama they will be judged as a racist most likely. Black skin would cure a lot of the white mans headaches.

    • D L Roderick profile image

      David Lawrence Roderick 2 years ago from Old Town, Maine

      Hi Big E. Thanks for your comment. My advice to you is to pray about that idea. If God is calling you to be undercover, got to go for it.

    • profile image

      Big E 2 years ago

      I want to go undercover as a black man so I can protect white people from reverse racism and double standard they have to deal with. I think it would help if the police appeared to be black as well.

      Jesus please save me. I wonder if god would approve of me going undercover as a black man. For the right reasons. The white community desperately needs a black advocate. I would like to be that. My mom won't let me though. My family might do away with me. But I wish I could get a dark chocolate spray tan and shave my head. My eyes are brown btw.