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The Happy Tears of the Angels

Updated on December 7, 2013
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all rights reserved
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Rain, that much blessed rain,

that's falling from the heavens, above us all,

Not tears of sadness, but those of such joy,

we know, as they do surely fall.

As if from the face of God all sent,

and to meet soil of the earth below,

Giving our life a sustenance needed,

and helping all our crops to grow.

In the times of drought and desperation,

many prayers, we all do send,

To our creator on high, Who's up in the sky,

to ask His earth, to mend.

He then sends out all of His angels,

to answer our pleas and all needs,

With their tears of joy, they reach the ground,

to quench the thirsty seeds.

Our God is our great provider,

and He knows us all, each and everyone,

We are His children, by His hand,

We see this in each day that's begun.

In heaven and earth, and beyond the stars,

we are so blessed to be alive,

By His knowing watch of our world below,

and His seeing that we all thrive.

Blessed rains, our beloved gentle rains,

coming from heaven to our earth, do descend,

As we all give our thanks and praise to Him,

our joyful prayers, then to ascend.

To warm and to nourish our human needs,

our Maker so provides, we learn,

Great love is felt in the spirit of man,

and our love to Him, then sent in return.


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    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

      Beautiful verse., whonunuwho.,

      Most people compare rain to tears in a sad way. Here you have completely flipped the idea over to see the joy that God sends in rain. Nothing would grow without rain.

      Very lovely poem.