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Rainbows Symbols of Promise

Updated on May 24, 2012
The prism in my kitchen window.
The prism in my kitchen window.
Rainbows on my floor.
Rainbows on my floor.
Light cracked open revealing the spectrum within.  A reminder of God's promises shining right there on my wall.
Light cracked open revealing the spectrum within. A reminder of God's promises shining right there on my wall.
Colour in my kitchen, encouraging me to remember the promises of God in my life.
Colour in my kitchen, encouraging me to remember the promises of God in my life.

In my kitchen window I have hung a prism. When the sun shines through my prism, there are rainbows on the floor, the walls, the cupboards and all the messes. They remind me of God's promised presence in the noise and chaos of raising children, the promise of strength to face the messes and the courage to free me from my fears.

As a child, I was fascinated by rainbows and I remember learning about light and how it contains the full spectrum of the rainbow but we only see all the colours at one time when the light is bent - as if it is being cracked open to release all the beauty at one time.

In the light that envelops us through the day, the colours are all present even though we do not see constant rainbows. I love this thought because it reminds me of the promises of God. They do not stop being true just because I don't see obvious indications of how I think the promise ought to be fulfilled. Just as all colours are present in white light, so it is with the promises of God. They are always present, they never cease to be true.

And then, sometimes when we are wondering if it is all true, is God really keeping His promises? Suddenly our circumstances bend and there it is - astounding grace - stunning evidence of the promises of God.

For me, one such moment is forever etched into my memory. I was terrified. I was in a small airplane flying over miles and miles of jungle heading to a mission base which was apparently truly in the middle of nowhere.

Before I left home, a friend had given me a bookmark containing the verse Deuteronomy 31:8.

"The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."

Beautiful words for my fearful heart. I had memorized this promise and I knew I should believe it, but in the moment the head knowledge was not transferring to heart knowledge.

The scenery below that little plane was stunning, but daunting. There was a carpet of green - the top of the amazon rain forest - as far as the eye could see in EVERY direction. Where was I going? My heart was pounding, I was heading into a true panic attack and I was stammering out strangled prayers.

Then God did something just for me. He bent the light and as I looked out the window of the plane I saw the shadow of our plane on the clouds and around the shadow was a full rainbow - a circle of promise- around our little plane in the middle of nowhere. However, I was no longer in the middle of nowhere. I could clearly see, I was totally encircled by the promises of God. What a wonderful place to be. My prayers became praise, my fearful heart was calmed. The promise wasn't more true just because I saw a rainbow, but the rainbow was a tangible indication that God listens and sees and He is present. There are many times in our lives that God bends our circumstances to enable us to clearly see that His promises are true.

I am thankful for the rainbows that dance in my kitchen reminding me that I am held in the hands of the One who names Himself 'Light' ("I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." John 8:10 NIV ). He is the Promise and the Promise Keeper. The rainbows in my kitchen are just small bits of colour but they hold so much encouragement.

Something to do: Find some promises in the Word of God that would be particularly encouraging to you in your present situation. Hang a prism in a window that receives direct sunshine at some point during the day and when you see the rainbows remember the promises and memorize them - hide them in your heart.

Gift Idea: Give a prism and a card or booklet with some verses of promise. Prisms range in price depending on size and quality of crystal, but the inexpensive ones give rainbows too. This is a meaningful and encouraging gift.


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