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Rainbows and Love: Discovering How Energy and Spirituality Mesh: Part 1

Updated on October 5, 2012

Energetic Vibrations and Spiritual Significance

All of life is energy. The highest frequency is LOVE. Love is both healing and Divine. Humans have seven subtle bodies: The Etheric body, Emotional body, Mental body, Celestial body, Etheric Template, Astral body, and Ketheric body. The Core Star is the home of the human soul. It is located above the crown chakra by several inches. The subtle bodies extend outward from the Physical body.

A trained energy worker (healer and/or magician) can feel and sometimes see the different levels. It is commonplace for energy workers to hold a loving space with their intentions for someone to heal and become whole.

Eastern religions have studied the subtle bodies for millenia. Yogis are adept practitioners at the human bodies. Tantra is the religion of the body. All of creation is connected via the Divine Matrix. It is an interwoven field of energy and LOVE. I feel that the Body of Christ is another name for the all-inclusive matrix. Each light being (soul/spirit) is a Divine part of the Christ Ascended (Christ Consciousness).

One can study the Christ at His various stages from holy infant, Jewish (initiated: Bar Mitzvah) young man, Jewish Rabbi, the impassioned Jesus, the crucified Christ, the descended Christ, the resurrected Christ, and the ascended Christ.

The whole Bible can be read from a metaphysical perspective. As a former Christian, I am well aware of the schisms made regarding the Christ. Gnostics were bad-mouthed in my Lutheran church of origin because their emphasis was not on the physical body, and yet that branch of the Church provides information about the subtle bodies. Early parts of the Church dissected the Faith to preserve certain notions and political positions. Additional dissections took place during the rise of the Catholic church and then subsequently during the Reformation. Special interest groups today are beginning to piece together the parts of the Bible and the Church that were lost or destroyed.

I have been exposed to Edgar Cayce's readings and they, too, provide metaphysical information about the spiritual foundations going back to Genesis. I am currently researching the link between Ancient Egypt, the Hebrews and the Christians. Coptic Christians were among the first church goers. Saint Mark founded a church in Alexandria.

Furthermore, I have been studying King Solomon, son of King David for years. Solomon was known for being one of the wisest Bible characters. He once discerned which person out of two unknown women was the legitimate mother of an infant. But more than that, he was the Temple Builder. In modern day times, Solomon is known for his seals that function in different magickal capacities. Solomon's knowledge base as the King who created the Temple was extensive!

There is a lot of information in the Bible that indicates contrary ideology. One of the main issues is that people must understand the overall consciousness in existence during the Old and New testaments. People literally lived according to an "eye for an eye." There was an emphasis about the veil and the tearing of the veil between the two testaments. The veil was the separation between God and mankind after the fall of man. When Jesus died on the cross, the veil tore. Metaphorically and literally God was accessible to humanity.


Subtle Bodies


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    • JoanEB1970 profile image

      Joan Elizabeth 5 years ago from Virginia Beach, VA

      Thank you....lots more out there along the same lines! Thanks for plugging me!!!

    • James Peters profile image

      James Timothy Peters 5 years ago from Hammond, Indiana

      This is an UNBELIEVABLE Hub. Wonderful. Just reading this Hub I think a sparked a chakra or two!

      FaceBook "Like"

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