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Rainbows and Love: Discovering How Energy and Spirituality Mesh: Part 2

Updated on October 7, 2012

The Body as the Divine Temple

The most frustrating part about Western belief systems is that they deny whole aspects of the human experience. The body is God's temple. Each thought, feeling or action is an act of devotion and worship, or an act of disdain. Prayer is passion in its highest form. Tantra is the religion of the body. I fell in love with Tantra many, many years ago. For me it is liberation and delight. My consciousness expands as I practice it. The Dalai Lamma is an adept practitioner of the Faith.

"The point of Tantra is that it will take you out of your head and down into your body and heart...Tantra is all about learning to let go of the mind and discover your Supreme Self hidden deep in your heart." [Page 77, Ramsdale, David and Ellen]

Formerly as a Charismatic Christian, I once went to a conference on spiritual development. One of the speakers talked about his first completely physical experience with his wife. During that experience she broke out in tongues. She never spoke in tongues before that night. I became enthralled with that story, so much so that a version of that manifested in my life with a man I deeply loved. I did not speak in tongues in my experience, but I felt energy I would NEVER forget. He touched me and it felt like I caught on fire. Since then I have been a seeker of the Tantric religion.

Tantra begins with the breath. Every person can learn to breathe fully like an infant. This is ideal. There is a lot of training involved and there are many different levels or degrees of understanding as well.

I enjoy dreaming of spiritual connection and perfection. I do so with these words:

"Ideally all of me is vulnerable with my consort. Emotions and mind, innermost me as well as this precious flesh. Honesty in thought, word and action. The whole includes both hard and soft, yin and yang. My pain and anger and fear and doubt will confront me in my quest for the heart of gold. Good! Better now than later...then sooner than later..." [Pages 25-26, Ramsdale]

In Tantra, all parts of the body and the human experience are encompassed. So the senses are indulged (and maybe even denied). Practitioners enhance their connections with food (e.g., salty, sour, sweet), touch, smells (e.g., floral, spicy, and hot) , beautiful resonate music, poetry, movies, walks in the rain, etc.

The energies are run from the Universal Energy Field (UEF) through the Human Energy (HEF) into the core of the earth and back up the chakras through the Core Star and outward throughout the UEF. This is done through breath work and intention. That is all it takes!!!

The next part is far more dynamic. One must create union between two people and their energy bodies. This takes love which requires patience, kindness, attentiveness, joy, and understanding. People are highly vulnerable. Raw emotions surface during the process. This requires compassionate responses. This is true completeness.

A heart chakra connection is forged first. Each person opens him/herself at the heart level. The hands extend to their partner's sternum. The intention that is set between the individuals is openness, connection and perfect Divine love.

From this point, Tantra is about creativity, union, wholeness and Divinity expressed. It is natural and it can be anything you want it to be. Studying the chakras is the best way to begin. Allowing yourself love is the medium. Joy is the brush stroke on the canvas.



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