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Rama is an embodiment of Righteousness!

Updated on April 26, 2017

Face your Fears!

Unnecessary fears of human beings.

Majority of the people in the world suffers from fear. Fear is really unknown one! It is anxiety disorder. We anticipate certain calamitous conditions and starts fearing about them. Dale Carnegie has written that 99% of our fear or worries never fructify. Fear is about future based on past. The best away to avoid fear is to live in the Present. By focusing only on the Present, one can escape any anxieties or worries. The mind always revolves around either in the past or in the future. Mind will never survive in the Present. If we are able to develop the intelligence to remain focused on the “Now”, the present moment, all problems could be sorted one by one. When you are dealing a task in hand, focus only on that. Never bother about other pending works. Sort out works as per the order of priority. Attend the one which needs our immediate attention. Thus we can be rid of unnecessary tension and anxiety! In fact, depression is the outcome of fear. There are certain things which we must be wary of. We must heed the warning of elders or peers which prevents us from landing in trouble and danger. For instance, there are many warning signs on the highway. There are points where you can cross, that too after ascertaining that there is no vehicular traffic approaching. This is not fear but this is caution. Hence we must know the difference between fear and caution! Do not go near the fire; do not touch the electric pole. These caution boards have to be followed. I have no fear, nothing will affect me, if you think in this way, and surely you will land in trouble. Now we notice that certain countries are threatening the world. Threatening and daring is one thing. No country will engage in tasks that will jeopardize their security.

Sita being abducted by demon Ravana!

All countries possess weapons of mass destruction!

All countries possess weapons of mass destruction. But no country would dare to use it first. They know for certain that once triggered, it will cause worldwide destruction. Hence ‘no first use policy is honored by every country. If we watch the media, there seems to be threats everywhere. But how the world is protected in spite of such threats? The great mind which created the cosmos, take it upon it to protect it too. Otherwise, the foolish mankind would have destroyed it in no time! There is a kind of fear lurking in the conscious which keeps in hold the threats. In a football game, there must be a referee. Otherwise, the players on both sides will commit lot of errors or faults. The referee alone watches the game of each player and pull of various color cards as a sort of punishment. Sometimes, he sends a player out of the game for a serious fault. At first, there will be a warning color. If the same mistake is repeated again, the player will be disqualified for the remaining part of the game! God too acts as an invisible referee who oversees the affairs of the man. Hence it is written in the scriptures that ‘not a leaf moves without the will of god!

Sita goes through fire!

Rama's encounter with demon king Ravana!

But, many people never believe in the concept of a super power. They think that man is quiet capable of deciding his fate. No doubt, every human being is blessed with a thinking mind and discriminating intelligence. But how many use it for the welfare of society? They just possess it but they never use it. In ancient epic Ramayana, the demon king Ravana is depicted as man of sixty four branches of learning. He possessed such a brain, but what happened in the last. He abducted the queen of Rama. But he had a curse on his head. If he forcibly touch any women, his head will be shattered to pieces. Hence he told the ogress who were guarding the queen to somehow make her to accept Ravana. But mother Sita was like a fire. She was always thinking about Rama and never once entertained an evil thought. Even when Ravana frequented the place where she was kept in custody, she never looked at his face. She will pluck a grass and address the grass. She humiliated the demon king thus. Ravana was never aware of the strength and chastity of Sita. With a mere look, she would reduce the entire Kingdom into fire. But she knew that to prove the valor of Rama, he has to personally land in Lanka and engage the demon in war and rescue here! Such was her determination. Even when Hanuman, the mighty monkey devotee of Rama came to the place where she was confined, placed a strange request. He prayed “Oh Mother, I will take you out of the custody and carry you to the presence of the Lord. But Sita flatly refused. She felt that there is no difference between Ravana who abducted her and the request of Hanuman. She was clear that her husband alone should come and take her away after conquering the demon! That will be a great honor for her husband!

Survival in nuclear attack!

Rama being an embodiment of righteousness never used his miraculous powers!

Rama entered Lanka by constructing a stone bridge to Lanka. His army of monkeys then crossed the ocean swiftly. After reaching there he sent words of warning to the demon king. Ravana thought, “After all Rama is a human”, I am a mighty demon possessed many skills to hoodwink the human being. He was not aware that Rama is an incarnation of Mahavishnu, came specifically to slaughter him. First Ravana sent many warriors, his sons and brothers. But each of them were vanquished in the battle. At last Ravana himself came, killed most of the monkey army but in single combat, he was not a match to Rama. Rama shoot arrows to his heads and mysteriously when each head rolled on the ground, it got attached to his neck. Finally, it is Vibhishana who whispered to Rama, ‘shoot an arrow in the naval portion wherein lies the pot of nectar where his life is preserved. Accordingly, Rama aimed an arrow at his naval and Ravana fell rolling down. Now he understood that Rama is none other than God. Before passing, he prayed for his merger in him. Accordingly his soul merged in Rama.

Strangely, after the conquest, Rama has not accepted Sita to come to his presence. He asked Lakshmana to start fire and told him, “Let Sita go through the fire and come unscathed, and then only I will accept here. He knew that his queen was in the custody of a demon’s kingdom. If he accepted her as it is, many ill mouths will start talking in many tongues. If she is able to come unaffected through the fire ordeal, then the world will realize that she is a pure chaste soul. Mother Sita underwent the fire ordeal and the fire god handed her to Rama stating that she is a perfect wife, always thinking about Rama only. You can accept her! Thus Rama proved to one and all that Mother Sita is the most virtuous one!

Because he is an incarnation, he never performed miracles to kill the demon. He acted as a human being and followed the righteous approach in each and every task during his life. Hence the name Rama reverberates throughout the length and breadth of the country!

Not a leaf will move without the will of God!

Do you feel that man can achieve things without the grace of God?

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