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Rama, the embodiment of Righteousness!

Updated on April 15, 2016

Bridge to Sri Lanka!

Rama, a true human incarnation of God!

I thought of excusing myself from posting further on ‘Hub pages”. But I could not shake off the idea of writing on a Divine persona, Shri Rama today. Yes, today, Rama’s birth is celebrated all over India as well as in many countries where the epic Ramayana was popular like Bali, Indonesia and many other islands. The only reason being “He ruled over entire Barath which extended to many places on earth in ancient “Treta Yuga”. Even now, there are many places in India and Sri Lanka, proclaiming about the incarnation which took place many thousands of years back. Of course, it is a little difficult to pinpoint the exact period. Only after the closure of Treta Yuga, Lord Krishna was born in the fag end of Dwapara Yuga. It is believed that Krishna took birth around 3100 BC. His end signaled the commencement of the Dark Age, Kaliyug.

But, one thing is certain that Rama lived in flesh and blood in India and ruled Ayodhya, after his return from fourteen years of exile in deep Dandakaranya forests based on a wish from his step mother Kaikeyi as per the promises made by Dasaratha long ago. Dasaratha loved Rama as an apple of his eye since he had no issues even after marrying three wives. This is the result of his past demerits. Somehow, he circumvented this by conducting a religious sacrifice. At the end of the fire ritual, a Divine person carrying a golden vessel emerged from the fire and handed over a sweet pudding contained in it. He directed that all the three wives partake the pudding and Divine children will be born to them!

The result of the ritual proved correct. All the wives conceived after partaking the Divine pudding. Rama was born to Kausalya on the holy day of Navami in Punarvasu star. Other brothers were born subsequently to the other wives. Rama being the eldest is the natural heir to the Kingdom. None had any doubts about it. Unfortunately a maid of the youngest queen conspired to avoid Rama being coroneted as heir apparent. She poisoned the mind of queen Kaikeyi, made her to demand a forgotten boon from the King that Rama to be exiled to forest for fourteen years and her son Baratha coroneted instead. Rama is the most obedient son. He realized that it is right to follow the directions of his father (thought the King was against sending Rama to forest, he was forced to grant the boon to Kaikeyi). Thus fate played a role in the life of Rama. But Rama maintained his composure. He was happy when he learned that he was to be coroneted but when the decision was revoked, he was equally happy since he is obeying the words granted by his father to the queen!

But it is believed that Rama was an incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu! But he fully acted as a human being, never exhibited his Divinity to any, unless circumstances forced it as in the case of turning a rock into a women who was cursed by her husband to become a rock. Her husband told her, when Rama’s toe touches the rock, you will gain back your true form. Also, during the passage to Sri Lanka, a bridge was needed to carry the monkey army there. Words written on the rock as Ra and Ma made it to stick to each one and float on the surface of the ocean! Even during the war with Ravana, he acted as a human being and never assumed Divine powers to slay Ravana! It is the demon Ravana who abducted mother Sita, the consort of Rama with a desire to marry her. But he could not force her since the moment he touches a chaste women, he will be destroyed. He thought that he can coerce Sita into submission. But mother Sita was the most virtuous woman who was always thinking that Rama will come and rescue her. She was kept in custody of demo ness in a garden in SriLanka. After the great war between Rama and Ravana, the entire demon kingdom was destroyed and only a few pious souls there, survived.

One such soul was Vibishana who later surrendered to Rama since he was forced out of Ravana’s kingdom since he chose to advise Ravana to return Sita to Rama! Hence he joined the forces of Rama and helped him to get over many tricky situations during the war. He recommended Rama to bring an expect medical practitioner in the ancient herbal system to restore the life of Lakshna,the brother of Rama who fell down due to the powerful arrow sent by Ravana’s son. Finally, Rama conquered Ravana in the battle, killed him and restored Sita from the garden through his aides. But he never accepted her in that condition. He asked Lakshmana to grow fire and let Sita pass through the flames unscathed, so that the world will realize the greatness of her chastity and nobility!

Today, his name is chanted by millions of devotees even after his return to Vaikunta, The sole reason being “Rama was an embodiment of Righteousness. He observed righteousness in all his dealings, throughout his career. It is believed that mere chanting of his name will confer immortality in human beings

Rama and Sairama!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 19 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Ericdierker for the interest in such posts.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 19 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting. Thank you for sharing this history, it is good to learn.