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Ramblings of a Journeyman I

Updated on January 15, 2014

"We are not the keepers of our names. We are the Keepers of the Flame. We are not what we live in one life. We are the souls of countless lives learning in multitudes through the myriad of things. It is when we live for our namesake. It is when we forget what we knew at birth, that we lose sight of the awe inspiring beauty that is life, where everything is in everlasting perfection and our home resides within us."

Basically what I am trying to say is, we get caught up identifying ourselves with our names, jobs, families, beliefs and many other things. This culture overdose has a primary symptom of clogging up our happiness. If we don't live up to the things that we think define us, we are often crushed. For example, a religious person who believes they are a sinner. A worker who feels inadequate. A republican when Romney lost the election. We define ourselves based on beliefs we learned and people we connect with. Is this healthy?


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