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Random Thoughts of Faith, Strength, Truth & False Idols

Updated on August 1, 2011

Written 08/12/09

  Each day I see so many going through so much, some hanging dearly to their faith to pull them through, others doing whatever they can to lessen the burden. One of the biggest issues that I see in many, self included, if I allow it, is impatience. None of the debacle this country is in right now came over night, so it surely won't go away over night, we'll be riding the storm(s) of poor decisions, misplaced priorities and bad reactions for awhile.


 It's been a time for many, (self included) to look deeper within, both at priorities and at intent, past and future. I know for me as much as I love and accept Gods Word and the relationship I have with Him in Christ, I still had to many "idols" in my life. Now that everything is slowing down and we all have more time for reflection, as the rat race releases us from it's grip so to speak, I hope we can all look to go forward with a different outlook and a new or updated and refreshed priority in and for life.


 Many people who made money their "god" were seriously let down by their savior, for others it was the things that money could bring. Sadly many Christians (self included @ times) would get so distracted by all of the worlds offerings that what was important would get lost sight of. Between travel, vacations, season tickets, bigger houses, faster or shinier cars, new "toys" to be played with or malls to be shopped out and conqured for the latest and greatest fashion trends and styles. Yet, for any one of us if we were to discover that tomorrow would be the last day we'd be alive, we wouldn't worry about any of that stuff, and yet, tomorrow is the last day that several people will be alive, and it also happened today and it'll happen the day after tomorrow - and everyday after that.


 Will one of those people that pass away be someone you know? Will it be a death or loss that will impact your life? Will it be you? Truth is, we never know, it's all in Gods hands. But suddenly all those wonderful "fun things" listed above would fail to comnfort, they'd fail to be intersting, they'd fail to be of any value in our lives. - We'd likely give every bit of it away to keep, save or bring back a cherished loved one. Then the all important and essential question for all who profess Christ - did the deceased know Christ? I mean did they really know and accept the Christ Jesus Son the of God? Are you SURE!?!


 Have we failed our Father in Heaven who calls us to go into all the lands of the world and profess His name? Have we even done it in our own homes , families or Churches? Have we at the very least, at least touched on it with our friends? What of those that talk about all their gonna do for God in their retirement? Who says their ever going to get there? The question is what are we doing for God while and when we can? I've heard of people who have millions put up for "the golden years", but the market quickly turned that into the "lead years", sorry, I know that was painful for many people - my family and I were hurt in the market as well. However, the fact that it was saddening and painful, tells us where our hearts were - suffering heartache over lost money is a warning.


 Please don't misunderstand, I'm not saying people shouldn't save money, but at the same time the Bible says nothing about retirement OR "livin it large". Were called to serve Him, He's never posted a cut-off age that I've seen, we should always plan on doing something for His service. As to big-bank-roll retirements, isn't that kind of like saying that you don't trust God with your future? All that ever comes to mind when I hear about that is the guy who built bigger silos for his abundance, only to die that night. Once again, I'm not saying don't save, this writing actually started out to be about not buying up a bunch of stuff, or curtailing and assessing spending. I Prayed before writing and asked God to take me where He wanted me to go, this is where it went. Sorry this wasn't some upbeat perky highly inspirational writing, I realize it's a bit dour, I've just seen a few people close to me lose people lately and it had me thinking.

God Bless All ~


In Christ

Jimm Bacon

In review something was omitted, career, the source for all our "wealth" (usually). How many people had all or most of their time and energy wrapped up in their "jobs", yeah I know, vanity may cause you to call something a career - but if it's what you do for a living, it's still a job. Several people became suicidal over the loss of their jobs, which equaled the loss of their money etc. Is there a misconception about the God ordained Biblical Promise of Faith in Christ? To have life, and have it more abundantly - isn't about "stuff or money". It's about a relationship with God in Christ and an eternity in Heaven with God & Christ.


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