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Random thoughts on creation, God and discipline!

Updated on February 17, 2016

We are part of god

God contains all.

What the earth and various planets contain. They are chiefly chemicals in the form of hydrogen, nitrogen, helium, oxygen and other chemicals in minute quantity. What the human body contains, it is mainly water (hydrogen and oxygen and also other chemicals found in the planets). In the scriptures, it is mentioned that “As in the macrocosm, so in the microcosm”. Also god is believed to exist in both in the atom and in the cosmos”. Then the next question is “Do the scientists believe god to be a mixture of chemicals? NO. God has created the cosmos but he is not bound by the creation. For instance, if a devotee asserts, “God is in me”, it is not a correct statement. The fact is God contains the cosmos”. For instance, I may hold a rose in my hand but the rose does not contain me. This is how we have to contemplate on the magnificence of Divine. For literary sake, we may tell that God is in all but really “All are contained in god.

How the infinite could be contained in the finite? Only the finite is within the infinite both verbally as well as really! Like the above truth, we must strive to know the correct answers regarding the universe and the creator. Krishna said that the universe is a projection of my will, part of me. We have seen, how projectors flash the cinema on the screen. In a similar way God projects the life on the conscious of individuals, who are the audience. But, we coolly forget that we are watching a cinema and identify ourselves with the show. Hence there arise multiple feelings like sympathy, horror and fear while watching the various characters enacting the play. It is only a play and not real. If we can express it in a better way, it is a show of light and darkness in various shades! Hence dualities are the cause of the show. If there is only light, nothing will be visible. If there is pure darkness, we can see nothing. It is the mixture of light and darkness which produces various sceneries.

If anyone realizes that these are all actions of light and darkness, he won’t care much. Such a man can develop ‘equal mindedness. But God is beyond all dualities. He is above hope and despair and the similar pairs. Because he is above these pairs, he is always in eternal Bliss. Hence we have to strive to go beyond pain and pleasure, grief and joy and many such traps which the mind becomes an easy prey. Hence the sages caution us ‘not to be carried away by the many stratagems of the mind, its pull and push. Then what is the solution for all these struggles of life? Be an observer, a mute witness who remains indifferent to the various scenes seen on the screen of conscious. Never get involved in the traps of the mind. It will cajole you and cheat you in a moment. It will present pleasant future once we get involved in its trap. This could be explained by simple example.

It is the mind which takes the form of ‘desires’ in individuals. Then the desires become resolves and the mind forces the body to act on its fancies. As the child is addicted to toys and chocolates, a young man with the fascinating beauty in the girls he see, like the middle aged man struggles to earn money, everyone is trapped in ‘pleasure seeking’. Nowadays both the young and old are addicted to electronic gadgets. It is a kind of addiction. We may use the gadgets in positive ways or for watching ‘porn’. The youngsters are mad after the smart phones and tablets since they involve them for hours together in typing text messages to unknown people on the other side of continents. It is an easy trap. Even house wives, senior citizens and other people are focused always on their phones as though the world revolves around it. It is only a search for identities as well as recognition.

Around fifty years ago, in the villages of India, we can never find a boy and girl chat in the public or in the streets. There were severe restrictions for young girls after the age of seven or eight. They will remain in the kitchen, helping their mother or other ladies in the cores of cooking. Many ladies may look at it as the most severe custom. NO, the elders knew the pitfalls of letting the girls roam freely with the boys. Nowadays, we notice in the media, cases of rapes on very young girls by the vagabond boys who consider it as a freedom to do what they like. The trend has happened because of the unbridled freedom of youngsters nowadays. Many of the customs practiced in the ancient villages are good for the overall safety of girls and boys too. Character was considered supreme and hence the punishments were severe! Hence discipline is a must for youngsters. We notice that young saplings are guarded by tree guards till they grow tall. Otherwise, the cattle will eat the tender plant. Once the plant become a tall tree, it will give shelter to the very cattle which tried to devour it earlier!

God contains all


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