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Read the beautiful truths of creation and God!

Updated on December 3, 2015

The mysteries of creation and mind!

The vision and eye cannot be segregated at any time. It is simultaneous. Without vision in the eye, none can view anything external. If you want to view something, the eyes help in the task. Now imagine a situation wherein there is only ‘seen’ without a ‘seer’. No it is impossible! For the creation to exist, a seer must be always present, and in a way, the seer is coterminous with the seen world. Likewise, the sun and light cannot be segregated. As vision is the quality of the eye, heat and light are qualities of sun. For the perception, a perceiver is necessary. Hence in a way, these are the pairs inseparable. Otherwise, creation loses its validity!

In a way, we can say, that the seer and seen are one entity. Likewise we can deduce that the creator and creation too is a single entity. But for the creator, no creation is thinkable or possible. There must be some cause for every action. Causeless action is never possible. For every action, there must be some invisible cause. If I exhibit my anger to somebody, it must have a reason behind it. But what is the cause for the creation? In fact, it is mentioned in the scriptures that creation is a play of creator, a dream of god and it has not inherent reality. It is an imagination of the creator and not real. How can we assert that it is only an imagination and not true? We arrive at the conclusion since we notice it in our day to day life. We are prone to imaginations, day dreams, and night dreams. Which is the power behind this?

It is the imaginary power of mind! Yes, creation itself is perceived only through the mind and not by other means. In fact, the mind acquired its power only from the Self within! While the Self is static, the mind is dynamic. One is immovable; the other is movable or mobile. We observe that cars and bikes move on the road because of the steady road which never undergoes any movement. If the road also starts moving, what will happen? None can reach their destination! Hence Brahman or God is the fixed base over which the world exists or perceived. It is like the pure white cinema screen which is fixed but the cinema is projected over the screen. Pictures come and go but the screen exists always. Without the screen, no picture can be projected. The pictures depend upon the screen but the screen is purely independent. Likewise God never depends on creation but the creation depends on god.

There is one more principle behind all these seen phenomena. It is like this. There was none before creation started. “I am alone, let me become many”, seems to be the primal prompting for the creation. Arose the earth and sky, ocean and hills, all movable and immovable species like plants and trees to prove the existence of God. The primal knowledge was placed in man! Otherwise it will be mere movement without any knowledge. When man was blessed with understanding and discrimination, he started pondering about his existence, the reason for his survival on earth and the ultimate aim of life. Thus God was happy when he was recognized by the apparent creation. In fact, the creation is not apart from god. It came from him. Sri Krishna asserts in the Bagawat Gita, the creation is a projection of his will and part of him. When it is part of him, how it can be different from God. Hence God and His creation is One only. There is no separateness. The seeming separation is the imagination of the mind.

Hence it is written in the Bible, “All are One, Be alike to everyone”. The same truth is also reflected in the Hindu and Islamic scriptures. In a true sense, all are brothers and sisters and hence Swami Vivekananda addressed the world parliament of religions in Chicago, “Brothers and Sisters of America”. It is not lip service. He knew the fundamental oneness of all creations on earth and he never felt separate from the rest! Hence there is a standing ovation for continuous five minutes since none expected the significant truth which was the opening salutation to the august assembly! We are aware about the existence of beautiful scriptures and with the innovation of world wide web, it is possible for all of us who have a pc and net connection to view the entire teachings of all the ages in the comforts of one’s home! In spite of this, there is proliferation of spam contents which are being read for time pass by many people including youngsters all over the globe.

Hence, it is very much vital in browsing knowledgeable web contents instead of trash material which is available in plenty in the net!



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