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Reading Two Through Nine In Cartomancy

Updated on May 1, 2011

Reading the Nines

When a nine arrives in a cartomancy reading, it can bring wishes or worries. If you are combining nines in cartomancy with numerology, the nine can represent selflessness, and balance. Sometimes numerology is used in cartomancy. It can give an in depth look at the meaning of your cards. However you wish to read your cards, it is up to you. The possibilities in reading cartomancy are endless. A person usually uses the basic meanings, at first, then later develops a system that is their own. One that is good for the person reading the cards. The possibilities can vary as personalities do.

Nine of Hearts: the wish card (what a nice card to arrive in the reading)

Nine of Diamonds: surprise opportunities with money, or romance

Nine of Clubs: friendship troubles

Nine of Spades: burdens

Combinations of Nines

Two Nines: prosperity

Three Nines: financial gain

Four Nines: surprise

Nine of hearts with the nine of clubs: luck in love or business

When you read the nine or any card at that, be sure to look at what or who is around this card. Sometimes it will tell you who will be receiving the luck (a nine can be a luck card), and when. You may see a queen or king that represents the person you are reading for. Sometimes, the cards within a card spread can represent others though. An example: the nine of hearts falls right next to the king of hearts, with a few other cards. The king of hearts did not represent the person I was reading for; it was someone he/she knows. Since the luck I have seen in the cards was not for the person I am reading for, I should still tell that person. It is somehow related to him/her. I would tell them who I seen in the reading, and what kind of luck that person will be experiencing. However, if you look even further into the reading, you can usually see how it affects him/her.


Reading the Eights

Cartomancy and eights:

When reading an eight in numerology, which is sometimes used in cartomancy, is a very powerful number. The eight can be read as a risk, or social gatherings, depending on the suit. Some of the meanings of an eight are as follows:

Eight of hearts: celebrations, and social occasions

Eight of Diamonds: possible romance, travel

Eight of Clubs: risk

Eight of Spades: problems may arise

Combinations in cartomancy are also often looked at. The eight can represent many possibilities, and just a few are noted here. When reading catomancy, combinations in the cards are often important to look at:

Two Eights: can mean a development, establishment

Three Eights: can mean a possible birth

Four Eights: can mean possible travel

Reading the Sevens

We cannot forget our number seven. The number seven is often thought about as a lucky number. Sometimes, in cartomancy, it can be an unlucky number. The meaning of a seven ranges from conflict, and sometimes speaks of surprise. When you receive a number seven in your reading, listen close to what it has to say. The meaning of the number seven, when reading cards, can be as follows:

Seven of Hearts: deceit from someone close, tricks

Seven of Diamonds: surprise

Seven of Clubs: achievements, accomplishments

Seven of Spades: tension, let downs

Sevens can also be read when a combination or multiples appear. You should pay attention to card combinations in a reading. Some combinations or multiples in cartomancy can be read as follows:

Two Sevens: someone may be lying

Three Sevens: flu, cold or betrayal

Four Sevens: warnings, cautions

A seven of hearts with the queen of diamonds can mean more betrayal from a friend.

I am sure you can see that after reading the combinations of sevens in cartomancy, sometimes it is an unlucky number.

Reading the Sixes

When reading cartomancy, some people will not read cards six through two. However, cards six through two can also have meanings if you chose to use them. Some of the possible meanings for the six cards are as follows:

Six of hearts: unexpected good fortune, events

Six of diamonds: can mean possible second marriage

Six of clubs: can mean business success

Six of spades: improvements

Reading the Fives

Fives in cartomancy can bring help, or loss. The meaning of a five in cartomancy can vary from one degree to another. Here are some possible card meanings for five:

Five of hearts: possible indecision due to jealousy, or jealousy

Five of diamonds: successful meetings

Five of Clubs: help from someone close

Five of Spades: possible setbacks, interferences

Reading the Fours

The number four is thought of as a balanced number. When reading the cards look for some of these meanings:

Four of hearts: changes, postponements

Four of diamonds: an inheritance, a change for the better

Four of Clubs: change of fortune

Four of Spades: business troubles

Reading the Threes

The number three can be seen in readings more often than not. Some of the meanings for the number three can be read as follows:

Three of hearts: need for caution

Three of diamonds: legal battles

Three of Clubs: alliance

Three of Spades: possible partings

Reading the Twos

Now, we are getting to the number two. The number two in a card reading is a number of balance. Some of the possible meanings for the number two are as follows:

Two of hearts: friendship

Two of diamonds: change in a love affair, usually for the better

Two of clubs: possible disappointment

Two of spades: gossip

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      9 years ago from Houston TX

      Nice article,thanks for sharing your idea.


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