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Reading Palms -What's Unique About Palmistry?

Updated on March 28, 2012

What's unique about palmistry?

It's the only method of psychic reading where you read the hands, right?

That's one answer; but its worth noting that there are lots of different methods of doing readings, and each one has it's own particular strengths, weaknesses and areas of skill. This hub will look at palmistry in specific in order to make you aware of aspects particular to palmistry, what it's especially good at, where it's more limited and why you might want to consider having your palms read, or learning how to read them yourself.

So what is unique about palmistry anyway?

It Gives You the Big Picture

Many forms of psychic reading are limited in scope to whats happening now, or whats happening in the next year or so. Not palmistry. Palmistry gives you the big picture of your life, from birth to death, and touches on a wide range of topics such as money, job, fame, health, love, and many more besides.

Because of this, a full palm reading can take longer than many other readings ( which can be a plus or a minus). It is also possible to do shorter "mini-readings" which focus on one topic or period in time and do not take as long.

No Equipment Required

Palmistry is one of the few methods of doing psychic readings that you can do with no equipment except for what is in your head, and in your heart, and in your spirit. Once you've studied palmistry enough to understand even the basics, and you've practiced enough to feel comfortable with it, you can read palms at any time and in any place with no advance warning or need to remember to bring your cards or your tiles along with you when you set out from home.

Do you read professionally? This means you're ready to read on the spot if an opportunity comes up.

Do you read to help yourself or others? This means that, if someone has an emergency and needs a reading, you are in a position to help them.

Do you read for fun? This means that everyone will want to sit next to you at parties. (No, really...)

The lack of equipment makes palmistry easy, convenient and affordable.

It's All About You

Overall, palmistry is all about you. Your palm contains things like

  • your strengths;
  • things you need to work on;
  • your past, present and future;
  • your money;
  • your health;

Do you catch the trend here?

Your palm is all about you, and this can be a very comforting and empowering thing. Many people spend their lives blending into the woodwork, and a psychic reading that reminds them that they do have skills and potential, and can make a difference in the world can be the wake-up call that helps them to turn that life around and make it into something that they want more.

Your palm is all about you, and other people mainly appear in your hand in regards to the effect they have on you. This means that palmistry is great for empowering the person who is getting the reading, but not so good if that person wants to know about someone else.

If you want to get a better idea about what to do with your life, palmistry is a great choice. If you want to know if a new love is coming into your life soon, it's also good. If, on the other hand, you want to know about your mother's health in the coming year, or whether your son will finally get a job and move out of your basement, that information is not usually found in your hand. At that point, palmistry is not your best choice unless you can get a closer look at the hands of your mother or your son.

It Combines Well With Other Modalities

When reading palms, you hold the hands of the person you are readng for. When you do this, you will often make an energetic connection with that person, as well as a physical one.

Because of this, it combines well with other energetic methods of working. If you know Reiki or acupressure or massage or other such methods, with the permission of the person you are reading, you can easily add those modalities to the help you are giving the person that you are reading for.(Asking their permission is an essential part of this.)

You can also combine it with other methods of reading.

You can combine a palm reading which gives you the big picture about what's going on currently in the person's life with a reading by tarot,rune or pendulum, to pick up on additional details that may be out of this person's current sphere of influence but affect the decisions he has to make.

Palmistry is flexible and can easily be used in combination with a wide assortment of other techniques.

It Builds Psychic Ability

Finally, it builds psychic ability.

When you first start reading palms, you'll tend to cling tightly to what you've learned of lines and mounds and landmarks of the hand. This is fine, and if you went through life this way, it would continue to be fine.

It's a funny thing though. The more you work with palmistry, the more you'll start picking up little tidbits of information that, strictly speaking, aren't found in the lines and mounds and landmarks of the hand.

Working with the palmistry wakes your own intuition up; and if you let it, it will soon become an intrical part of any reading that you do.

It's like pumping iron... with your spirit....

What's Unique About Palmistry?

So, what's unique about palmistry?

  • It gives you the big picture.
  • It doesn't require equipment.
  • It's all about you.
  • It works and plays nicely with other methods.
  • It builds psychic ability.

Besides all of that, it's lots of fun to do; and you can learn a little or a lot, as you like.

Sounds like plenty of good reasons for checking into palmistry to me.


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    • Catherine Kane profile image

      Catherine Kane 5 years ago

      Thanks for the vote up :)

      I believe that any form of reading is just a framework for getting in touch with our own natural abilities. Because of that, I think that getting things that aren't in the palm happens as we become more skilled in connecting with our inner wisdom, and hat practice makes that easier...

    • CR Rookwood profile image

      Pamela Hutson 5 years ago from Moonlight Maine

      It's so true what you say about how, after awhile, you start to pick up information that isn't strictly showing in the hand. I think palmistry is more like this than any other method, although I've had it happen with cards as well. I think it's because you are actually touching the person being read. Somehow that really helps. Voted up. :)