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Reading Palms - Why Are People More Scared of Palmistry?

Updated on March 27, 2012

People fear the unknown. For this reason, many people fear the world of the metaphysical and the psychic, because it takes them out into the uncharted lands, out to sea, far beyond the lands we know of what we can see and hear and touch.

Because the unknown can be scary, many people will deny that it even exists. It's easier to ignore the boogie man under the bed than to admit your ankles might be vulnerable.

Many people, however will face that fear and reach out to make contact with the lands beyond the predictable. One of the most frequent ways people do this is by getting a reading from a psychic.

What's interesting about that is that even people who are comfortable with getting a reading by tarot cards or the runes can be intimidated by someone reading palms.

So, why is that, any way?...

The Fear of Fate...

People get psychic readings because they're looking for information that they can't get in other, more traditional ways. People are also scared of getting readings because they fear the unknown.

They think that, if someone can read the future, that must mean that future is already written in the sands of time that lie ahead of them. They fear that the future is fixed and immutable, and that, if a reader gives them news about the future that they don't like, they're stuck with that future.

They fear that to hear that future is to lock themselves into it. Many times, people will say to a reader "I'd rather not know." because they feel that, if they don't know about a less than ideal experience on the road ahead, they have more freedom to avoid that experience.

This is understandable - but it's based an idea that isn't true...

Date With Destiny - There's No Such Thing

That untrue idea is that, if a psychic can read your future, that must mean that future is already written in stone ahead of you. You're stuck or trapped on a date with destiny.

That isn't the case... because of a little thing called Free Will.

We all have free will- the ability to make choices, good, bad or in between, which give us a certain amount of control over our lives. We likewise all have the ability to choose to change the direction of our lives.

That means the future's not fixed. Because we can choose to change directions, we do not just own one future, but a number of different futures, and any good reading is going to tell us what lies ahead if we keep doing what we're doing.

At that point, we can choose to change directions into a different future or continue on, full speed ahead, as we prefer.

There is no date with destiny. There is an appointment that we can keep or not, as we choose to.

A Question of Belief

There is no date with destiny... but people still often fear that this is the truth. They fear being stuck with a less than lovely future, and are therefore more spooked by the method of reading where change seems impossible.

Many times, people will be more comfortable with a reading by the tarot, runes, or other system of divination using tools, than they will with a palm reading. This comes out of this fear of the "date with destiny" and a desire to get the information they need without locking themselves into that challenging future. Unless they know about how Free Will gives them a variety of different futures to choose from, most people have a deep down feeling that a future read with cards or tiles is something that can be modified, while a palm reading can not.

After all, nobody is surprised if they have two tarot readings six months apart, and get different cards in each reading. Our experience in life is that, each new time a deck is shuffled and dealt, new cards may appear.

Most people, on the other hand, believe that the landmarks of the hand are immutable and always stay as they were. This would imply a single future, without choices.

This is not actually the case...

The Shifting Future

We all have free will, and that means the possibility to change directions in our lives.

For methods such as the tarot or the runes, this means a new reading will bring up new and possibly different cards or tiles to indicate the new life up ahead.

In palmistry, this means that the lines, mounds, and other markings of the palm will change to reflect the new future...

Yes, you read that right. Lines can get shorter or longer, deeper or shallower. Mounds can get bigger or smaller, more muscular or more flabby. The other special landmarks can and do change to reflect the new direction in life as well.

These changes usually happen over a relatively long period of time, but they can sometimes even happen almost instantaneously, when the person is determined enough to make that change on the spot. (In the over forty years that I have been reading palms, I am honored to have seen this happen on the spot on a number of occasions.)

That's reassuring. It's concrete proof that we are free agents, as opposed to pawns of fate, and that we have some control over what happens in our lives.

Fight the Fear

Why are people more scared of palmistry than they are of other methods of psychic readings? They're spooked because they don't know about free will, and that their palms will change if they choose to change.

There's something we can do to fight that fear.

It's usually a good idea for any method of psychic reading to start out by telling the person about free will, so that they know they can use the information in their reading to make changs in their life, if they so choose. It's doubly so with palmistry, so that people know that they're not locked in to one future, and that their hands will change if they change directions in life.

Once they understand that, most people are in a better position to enjoy their palm readings, and benefit from the information you have to give them. That's the result you're looking to get.

So, take the fear out of reading palms, and make it the fun and enlightening experience it was meant to be.


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    • Catherine Kane profile image

      Catherine Kane 5 years ago

      You're welcome Jennifer- that's what I'm looking to do.

      I find that there are a lot of people who are afraid of readings because they don't know enough about what they are, what they're good for, and where their boundaries lie.

      Whether or not someone gets a reading from me, I don't want them to walk away scared if, by a little education, I can show them whats up and help them let go of their fear.

      There are plenty of things worth being afraid of. This isn't one of them :).

    • profile image

      Jennifer 5 years ago

      Hey thank you so much I loved reading this. :) You made me feel better xoxo