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Reading Palms- the Round Palm

Updated on March 31, 2012

The Round Palm


This hub is about people with round palms. It will tell you about their basic characteristics and the best way of reading palms for people with round palms. There are three other shapes of palms (square, conical and spatulate); and to be able to use this particular part of palmistry, you may want to learn about these shapes as well.

The shape of the palm indicates the basic personality of the person you are reading for. The shapes of the fingers and other landmarks of the palm will support or modify this basic personality.

About the Person with Round Palms

For the person with round palms, it's all about people. She loves people, and takes care of them and nurtures them. She's warm and caring. She feels things very deeply.

She’s always willing to volunteer or help. This makes her a joy to have around, but also means that people may try to take advantage of her.

She wants what's best for people, and, most of the time, sees clearly what that is. Because of this, she has a tendency to want to meddle. She's usually right, but she needs to also respect other people’s boundaries. She needs to cultivate a sense of when to help and when to stand back and let people do their own thing.

While the person with square palms will say "I love you." by making you soup when you're sick, the person with round palms will sit by your bed and feed it to you and mop your fevered brow. She'll also say "I love you." - a lot.

To identify the shape of the palm,

· Put the thumb in neutral. (Align the thumb so it lies along the edge of the palm, with the end of the thumb lying along the base of the index finger.)

· Look at the width of the palm just above the wrist, at the bottom of the fingers, and half way in between. Which one is widest? Which ones are narrower?

· If the middle width is the widest, the palm is round. If the top is widest, it’s spatulate. If the bottom width is the widest, the palm is conical. If they’re all pretty much the same, that’s a square palm.

· If it’s hard to see this by eye, you can measure the widths with a ruler.

Reading for the Person With Round Palms

When reading for the person with round palms, there are three primary topics to deal with.

The first is balance- realizing that her own needs are as important as those of other people. When she honors this balance and gives her time and energy to her own needs and skills, as well as those of others, she renews herself and keeps herself from burn out.

The second is boundaries. Not letting people violate her boundaries and walk all over her. Not violating the boundaries of others while trying to "do what's best" for them. (She's usually right, but sometimes people need to do things the hard way so they can learn something, and she needs to be able to respect that.)

The third is knowing that what she does matters. Many times, people don't acknowledge the difference that the nurturers make in the world until they're gone. Knowing that what she does is important and makes this world a better place is what gives a round palmed person the strength to keep doing what she does so well - and that makes a difference to all of us.

A Final Look at the Round Palm

It's time to take a final look at the person with the round palms and sum up her basic personality.

  • A people person.
  • Warm.
  • Loving and caring.
  • Nurturing.
  • Helpful.
  • Emotional.
  • Can be taken advantage of.
  • May martyr herself.
  • Needs balance, boundaries and meaning.

These are the words that describe the personality of the round palm person. Knowing where she's coming from can help you meet her halfway and give her the reading that will help her have a better life.

The Other Three Shapes of Palms

To learn more about the other three shapes of palms, please see these hubs too.

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