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Reading Palms - the Square Palm

Updated on March 31, 2012

the Square Palm


This hub is about people with square palms. It will tell you about their basic characteristics and the best way of reading palms for people with square palms. There are three other shapes of palms (round, conical and spatulate); and to be able to use this particular part of palmistry, you may want to learn about these shapes as well.

The shape of the palm indicates the basic personality of the person you are reading for. The shapes of the fingers and other landmarks of the palm will support or modify this basic personality.

About the Person with Square Palms

The person with a square palm is... well...square. He (or she) is very grounded and down to earth. He lacks whimsy.He believes in what he can see and touch. He wants proof before he believes in things.

He's not terribly fanciful. He's practical and often very skilled in whatever activity he gives his attention to. People with square palms are the people you want fixing your car, wiring your house for electricity and on your side when shipwrecked on a desert island.

The person with square palms may not say "I love you." with words. Instead, he'll say it by putting in your air conditioner so your asthma doesn't act up, making you soup when you're sick, or driving 500 miles at two in the morning to pick you up when your car breaks down.

To identify the shape of the palm,

· Put the thumb in neutral. (Align the thumb so it lies along the edge of the palm, with the end of the thumb lying along the base of the index finger.)

· Look at the width of the palm just above the wrist, at the bottom of the fingers, and halfway in between. Which one is widest? Which ones are narrower?

  • If the middle width is the widest, the palm is round.
  • If the top is widest, it’s a spatulate palm.
  • If the bottom width is the widest, the palm is conical.
  • If they’re all pretty much the same, that’s a square palm.

· If it’s hard to see this by eye, you can measure the widths with a ruler.

Reading for the Person with Square Palms

He doesn't usually believe in psychic ability or metaphysics at all, unless he has had some personal experience of it himself.

Indeed, if he has square fingers as well as square palms, you can lay money on the concept that a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend has brought them to the reader and has said "You're going to get a reading, and I'm going to pay for it...."

He's usually very pleasant and polite about this- but he's not going to believe in psychic readings unless you show him something that proves it to him; that shows him that it's a bigger universe than he had previously realized.

If you can do this, the person with the square palm usually modifies his view of the universe to include that bigger viewpoint; and this makes reading for him a delight.

I find that there is something about the features of the thumb (in particular, the flexibility of the thumb and the thumb chain) which seem almost guaranteed to turn the polite skeptic with the square palms into a believer.

The best things you can do in a reading for a person with square palms are

  1. give them the concrete evidence they need to realize that metaphysics is real, and
  2. once they accept that psychic ability is a reality, give them good practical information that they can use to make their own decisions.

A Final Look at the Square Palm

Let's take a quick final review of the person with square palms to get an overall picture of him.

  • Grounded.
  • Practical.
  • Reliable.
  • Down to Earth.
  • Does not believe without proof.
  • Adapts to proof of new information and adjusts world view.

These are the keywords of the square palm personality, and understanding this will help you to speak his language and give him a reading that he can understand and benefit from.

The Other Three Shapes

To learn more about the other three shapes of palms, please see these hubs as well.

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  • Reading Palms - the Spatulate Palm
  • Reading Palms - the Conical Palm


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    • Catherine Kane profile image

      Catherine Kane 5 years ago

      Thanks Darrell. My personal belief is that most of us are hardwired for psychic ability, and it's just a question of learning how to use it and working with it to develop more strength.

      (and, by the by, I say "most" only because I haven't met everybody yet...)

    • Darrell Roberts profile image

      Darrell Roberts 5 years ago

      Interesting hub, I do believe that some people have physic ability. After reading your hub I am going to start looking at people's palms more. Best wishes.


    • Catherine Kane profile image

      Catherine Kane 5 years ago

      I actually love reading for folks w/ square palms. It's so much fun to see their faces when they realize that this is real, and their worlds open up...

    • CR Rookwood profile image

      Pamela Hutson 5 years ago from Moonlight Maine

      That's a good point. That does fit me pretty well. :)

    • Catherine Kane profile image

      Catherine Kane 5 years ago

      You're welcome.

      I find square palms aren't necessarily mechanical but they are intensely practical and grounded and believe in what they have proof of. I know a number of square palms who believe in the occult, but they've had concrete proof of it. (I've been honored to be the proof for some of them...)

    • CR Rookwood profile image

      Pamela Hutson 5 years ago from Moonlight Maine

      What's weird is I have a square palm, but I'm about as mechanically inept as anyone I've ever met. My family teases me about it, in fact. Plus, most of what I write is about weird or metaphysical stuff, or weird metaphysical stuff, or wyrrd metaphysical stuff. But reading palms is fun. Thanks for this helpful and well written series on palm shapes. :)