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Real Life Mermaid Stories I Can Tell You

Updated on August 13, 2013

Lake Superior Mermaid Seen by Elderly Couple

In 1999, in South Crick Ontario, not far from Lake Superior, Elmer Gantry and his Wife Slappy (nickname for Zonella) reportedly saw the most unusual site of their long lives (both were well into their 90's at the time) when they were sitting on their porch-swing, that overlooks the shore of Lake Superior in South Crick, a small town of 37 people, what they described as a mermaid in every way.

Elmer was not even wearing his glasses and Slappy is almost blind with glaucoma,however they swear to this day, that they saw a beautiful woman swimming in the water and splashing the waves with her great, green tail, and who was a site to behold.

As Slappy says:

"I was just talkin' to Elmer about what he might want me to cook for dinner and when he replied "mermaid!" I was taken aback, as we have not any mermaid in the freezer and I was worried where in heck I would find one by supper time to please my cranky husband...but then I realized he was pointing out to the lake and saw what got him so up and was a real lady with gi-normous breasts and all and she had long, golden hair and a lovely fish tail."

Needles to say the Gantry-couple ran down (or rather made their way down, as they both need canes and don't exactly run anywhere anymore) to the lake to get a closer view, but by then the mysterious lady had vanished beneath the waves never to return.

Elmer still goes out every day, however, with his camera and never forgets to wear his glasses anymore! He is keen on spotting that mermaid again to see if she will give him a ride on the wild-side.


The Mermaid and the Elvis Impersonator

Jimmy Skulks, of Red Leaf California, has a story that tells of his experience with a mermaid that changed the entire course of his life. One night, in late August, 2011, Jimmy, age 32, was returning from his part-time job as an Elvis Impersonator, at the local Lucky 7 tavern, where he puts on his show 3 times a week in exchange for a free meal and a lottery ticket, when he decided he would go over to Ocean View Park and have a nap on the beach, as his home was a bus-ride away and he had spent all his spare change on playing Pac-Man at the Lucky 7.

"I was just getting myself comfortable, said the singer, taking off my Elvis glasses and my blue-suede-shoes, when suddenly from out of the waves, in the light of the full-moon, there was a real-life mermaid! She was singing a song of love and temptation, I think it was You Light Up My Life if I recall, and waving me to come...come in the water to see her. Well I jumped up and dived in faster than a monkey will chase after a bag of roasted peanuts, and the next thing I knew she was pulling me down, and kissing me...and not being able to hold my breath longer than 2 seconds as I have asthma...I started to struggle to get back to the surface...and then I made it and flopped on shore like a dead sardine but I wasn't dead...just gasping for air.

I looked out to see if she was still there but only her tail flipped up once and she was gone to the watery deep where I suspect she has a home or something like a small cave like the Little Mermaid in the Disney movie."

Jimmy said after that he gave up his crummy job as Elvis in a dumpy little tavern, and now plans to become a Madonna Impersonator, because being so close to the mermaid helped him understand women in a way he could not before.

Agnes the Wedding-Dress Mermaid
Agnes the Wedding-Dress Mermaid

Mermaid in the Wedding Dress

George C.Looney of Stoneroad Cove, Florida, was shocked when he discovered on his wedding night, that he had married a mermaid!

As George tells it:

"I had never actually seen Agnes when she was not wearing a long, full-length dress that covered her feet, but I figured it would make our wedding-night that much more exciting to 'discover' her so to speak, in the old-fashioned way...the way people used to discover each other on their wedding night, and not before...I suppose I am old-school that father was a Methodist Minister, so maybe that had something to do with it...anyway when Agnes asked me if we could spend the night in the bathtub I figured she had some kind of cute idea in mind vis a vis love-making, but when I opened the bathroom door to see her laying in a full bath complete with her long, green,scaly tail flopping all out the side...I almost fainted!

When I came-to, she was gone, and I have never seen her again, although I often go to the beach and blow a conch-shell in memory of my dear wife Agnes."


Mermaid Photo Gallery

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    • Buzzbee profile image

      Buzzbee 4 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      You need to use your 'third eye' to see them and for that you need to meditate!

    • profile image

      victoria 4 years ago

      We need prove that nermaids are real. I spend time sitting beside rivers and seas but I have never spotted ANY!

    • profile image

      victoria 4 years ago

      We need prove that nermaids are real. I spend time sitting beside rivers and seas but I have never spotted ANY!

    • profile image

      Skysaiyan 4 years ago

      I believe in mermaids because scientists had discovered that we had came from fish as we as monkies.

    • Neinahpets profile image

      Stephanie 5 years ago from Canada

      I think if mermaids were real that'd be great. Never know considering there are depths we've never been to in the ocean!

    • profile image

      Maia 5 years ago

      I really wonder if mermaids are real.

    • profile image

      Hannah . Simpson 12-01-12 5 years ago

      Where can I get a mermaid tail that doesn't have the (little) hump's,or bump's on the back of the tail at the (very) bottom of the tail for my ankle's ,or my feet?


      Your Little Mermaid Friend,

      Hannah.Simpson 12-01-12