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Real and Strong Men Cry (Luke 22:62)

Updated on November 22, 2015


Simon Peter was a man who possessed extra ordinary toughness and strength, He is the kind of person that will laugh out loud (LOL) any problems and troubles that will come in his life, He had a lot to boast after all he can brag to his records as the very most tough disciple of Jesus Christ. His records will speak for His credential. But for the record, the only disciples that wept and cried even before the crucifixion of Jesus is Peter.

The strong, the brave, and the very determined person Peter…A “man’s man”… Burst out in tears
Simon, later Peter means rock, he was among the first disciples to be called. Peter was a fisherman in Bethsaida along with his brother Andrew and the sons of Zebedee, James and John.

I. Peter was strong physically (Matt. 4:18)

A hard working and a responsible family man, hard work is not new to him, from dusk till dawn he flexed his muscle in pulling the net. Every food that he offered to his family is a product of his sweat and sleepless night of catching fish.

He needs to be physically strong because of his graveyard schedule of work. Peter is a fisherman, and being a fisherman is not an easy job. There are sleepless nights catching fish and fishnet being heavy because of fishes inside. Surely Peter is a strong person physically.


II. Peter was strong in his faith

A. Strong in Believing Faith

John 6:66-69

His believing faith is grounded so deep that it will not withered when time of reckoning comes. His faith is not a fad. He will stay even if multitudes depart from following Jesus. Many followers turn their backs when somethings aren't provided. But he and the other 11 disciples remained faithful. His answer is very firm even if it is unpopular “ …to whom shall we go…” He have no other option but only JESUS.

B. Strong in Trusting Faith

Matt. 14:26-29

The only disciples of Jesus that was able to walk on the water, While the other eleven witnessing the event, Peter was experiencing the wonderful moment. We remember Peter as the one who sank down the waters, not the one who walk first to Jesus. He is very courageous and has a true faith to God.

III. Peter was strong in courage and compassion (Acts 3:6)

It was Peter and John, (v3) but it was Peter shown his compassion that he talked and get the attention of the crippled man and having a strong courage to command “WALK”. It is one thing to have compassion and it is another thing to have the courage to command a known crippled from birth to walk. It is the same thing just as on the second point when he said that he can't offer anything other than healing to the crippled man. He has a strong faith that he can command healing.

IV. But Peter showed his greatest strength when he wept over his own sin

The strong man, inside and outside, wept bitterly. He didn't bother being treated as a weak or gay. But he cried, humbly to God, because of his betrayal. He had been emptied. He made no effort to hide and justify his sin, he did not blame the situations or circumstances, he did not blame others. He did not rationalize the extent of his sin he could say “well, everybody commit sins”

He deal it personally, he repented and wept bitterly (Lk 22:61-62)


Real men cry, they cry for their sins. … like Peter the “rock”, This message is not only for men but for all, we don’t need to pretend that we are strong , we don’t need to hide our tears…after all tears is a sign of humility and it is not a weakness but it is a strength , a strength to ask a forgiveness and a strength for repentance. When was the last time we cried to God? Whatever we feel in our hearts, guilt, tremor, struggle, commit it to God, who can satisfy all our desires and fears. Like Peter, a real man, a true man and Christian should not be afraid to cry and show his feelings especially to God.


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