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Real evolution of human beings on earth!

Updated on August 23, 2014


Every being has to merge back in God!

Desires are never satiable. With the fulfilment of one desire, one more arise in its place. The mind exults a little as soon as a desire is fulfilled. It lasts only for a while. Again some other thought becomes desire and the mind is frantic to fulfill the new one! This is the case with almost all human beings in the world. A penniless man will desire to possess few cents and he feels that possessing few cents will make him happy. Somebody gives him few cents. He exults at the fructification of his wish. By the evening, he thinks that with the few cents he can hardly get something to bite. Oh, I should have got a dollar instead, this way his mind plans. What if he gets a dollar? After sometime, there lurks in his small mind a desire to have few hundred dollars! Yes, this is the way the mind works in each individual. Do you mean to say that the rich are happy since they have all the things to satisfy their wish? It is not true. He harbor more desires than the poor man. He dreams of becoming a multi-millionaire by investing in several ventures. Yes, there is share market wherein he can put some money so that he will reap a rich harvest. Ask a billionaire, what he wants? He will say, “I have all the treasures I dream, but I would like to become a Minister in the Cabinet! Yes, he feels ‘power is greater than money’ by holding a powerful post, one can do wonders! You ask a Minister, ‘whether he is happy with the post? He will say, I would like to become the Chief Minister who really possesses all the power in a government!

We have seen now the mind enslaves anybody! If people are aware of the stratagems of the mind, they won’t harbor any desire which will lead one to grief. Had not Buddha taught the world, “Desires are the root cause of all troubles and pain in the world? For instance, a young lad looks at the beautiful face of a girl. He is immediately enchanted by her ethereal beauty and complexion. He wants to talk to her. He wants to entertain her so that she will be interested in him. Whether it is money or power or persons, the way of the mind is the same. It wants to grab everything. Now in this case, the young man wanted to possess the girl for him! This is really infatuation which is nothing but utter foolishness! Once you fall a prey to her external beauty, you have to accept her invisible qualities which may be horrible! Somehow, the young girl agrees to marry him. The youngster is now in seventh heaven. Let few days pass and ask him how things fair? He will lament his miserable fate. He confesses that he is hoodwinked by her charm and beauty but her habits and qualities are nauseating. Now only he learned his bitter lesson that all that glitter is never gold! Knowledge seekers too fall prey to the scintillating mind. Those who are after knowledge are never satisfied with what they learn. They pursue many courses and try to master them. Nothing satisfies them. Even if they become PhD, they are never content. They would like to pursue another branch. Education too is endless. One cannot master all the knowledge that is contained in the text books. He can master only a minute part of one discipline.

Next come ‘fame’. This is the terrible imprisonment of the mind. One hankers for fame, more fame. There is no end really. Even if he is able to conquer the entire heavens, his mind is not satisfied. There is still a discontent or vacuum in his mind. Why it is so? God has purposely made man ‘incomplete’ in several aspects. Though man possesses all the abilities to improve himself, he comes to an abrupt end somewhere. Take the case of great scientists like Edison or Newton or Einstein. At no stage, they are satisfied with their achievements. They go on researching the unknown till their head breaks. This is the case with Doctors, Engineers, Architects and other professionals. They really become frustrated after every time they break a professional goal. Then there is an unknown vacuum staring at them. This discontent or vacuum is purposely introduced by God for human evolution. Yes, it is not the end when human beings take birth on earth. They have to evolve again into Divinity by raising their conscious higher and higher leaving the bindings of the earth. How many time you would like to play the game of ‘hide and seek’. Millions of life, we had on earth in different incarnations from mere mineral to plant, from plant to animal and from animal to human being. We have to finally evolve into God that we are! Yes, it is a fact. The sun evaporates the surface water of the Oceans. They become air and rise high into the sky where they become clouds. By cooling, they again pour as rain. The rainwater becomes small streams and rivulet. They all join together into a big river and with force; they can reach back the Ocean from which they parted. We too are in the same predicament. We are parted from God and we have to merge back in Him after many incarnations on earth. This is the real evolution of human beings. It is not civilization or industrialization that contributes to humanity. It is evolution into God which is the consummation of human life on earth!


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