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Realization comes very late in human life!

Updated on July 21, 2014

He is the Director!

It is believed in the Hindu religion that God is the wire puller! Nothing happens in this world apart from His will. But many people does not believe in this philosophy. They feel that they are free to choose and hence they are responsible for their life. Now a small example to illustrate this point which was narrated by Sathya Saibaba long ago.

He said, "There is a cow tied to a post by means of long rope. The owner of the cow has tied it in this fashion so that the cow never strays to other places or graze in private properties. The length of the rope decides the area of circular portion in which the cow can freely graze. If the cow choose to go beyond this, it will hurt its neck. Our life in this world is similar. The past deeds of human being decides the length of rope. The cow can graze in the area traversed within the radius of the circle. Here the cow can choose either to keep quiet or graze. Only this much freedom is given by god according to the past effects. We can not go beyond the length of the rope. This is also the reality. Man can waste his time simply keeping quiet or he can work within the limit granted by god. Now i would like to give one more example.

People who want to construct a house rely on a plan. Based on the plan, the foundation below the earth is constructed. Above the ground level, basement is carried over. Now you can not have walls in portion where there is no foundation. As the blue print of the plan is decided prior to construction, our life on this earth too carries a blue print. On no account, the blue print can be deviated. Likewise, the parameters of life of any individual on earth in pre decided based on his past life deeds. Had he performed good deeds in former life, he would reap good results in the present life. If he had been an evil person committing cruel deeds, he can never aspire for good results. Shirdi Saibaba used to tell "Sow Margosa (neem), reap margosa! The message is clear. Having planted a bitter seed, how can you expect a sweet fruit? Plant mango seed and there is every chance you can reap mango fruit!

Though it is our own deeds that decide our future, we blame god or fate. But there is an overview of creation. God has created the world and he has blessed the human beings with thinking capacity, discrimination and choice making faculty. But instead of discriminating before plunging in action, man simply rely upon his mind vitiated by the feelings of attachment and hatred. Thus he deludes himself and end up in grief. This is the condition of Arjuna when he was ready for the war in Kurukshethra. But he wanted Krishna to drive the chariot between the two armies before the commencement of the war. What he saw perplexed him. Arrayed on the opposite side, his dear great grandfather on whose lap he grew up. His revered preceptor, uncles and cousin, many comrades who were once dear to him. He questions Krishna, "What is the benefit of the war? Why should I kill my own people? Having killed them, I will get back my Kingdom, but it is sullied by the blood of kinsman. How can I live peacefully after slaughtering my own people? In the worldly point, the argument may be correct. But Krishna wanted Arjuna to grow beyond attachment or hatred! Hence He counselled Arjuna, "Why this weakness now? You are eager to enter into the war field. But seeing your relatives, your mind is deluded. Who kills whom? All are slain by fate. Even if you don't kill them, they will die one day!

As born in a warrior clan, you should not talk in this fashion as my people. In the war which is righteous, there is no question of 'mine and thine". It is improper if you decide to retreat from the war. The war was thrust upon you by your wicked cousins. You have not sought it. When you all requested Duryodhana, the legitimate share of Kingdom, the Kauravas refused. Then you asked for five villages! Duryodhana never conceded for even this. He clearly told all of you, "not even a pinhead size of land would be ceded". The war was inevitable. I went there as an ambassador of peace but none listened to my wise counsel. Hence stand up, lift your bow and engage yourself in war which is your correct duty. Do not be deluded by attachments to kith and kin!

Arjuna has realized his folly and surrendered to the will of Krishna! He was led to victory. Ultimately, the evil clan of Kauravas perished in the battle field. Thus Lord Krishna has counselled one and all to "Do their duties without worrying about the results". By this way, the duty will lead you to ultimate wisdom.

Saibaba has once told the devotees, "God is the dictator of great drama of life, he conceived the story, he is the script writer as well as the costume designer. He decided the in and out of each actor. He directs their words, their expressions and actions. Act as per the dictates of the Director and earn approbation at the end of the show. Then human life would reach its natural consummation!

But man never realizes the supremacy of the will of God. After undergoing many pains and troubles in millions of births, he slowly realizes that 'every thing is His will and one has to follow the promptings of the Self within! Hence man get wisdom very late in his life after many such bitter experiences!


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you Prayerhub.

    • Prayerhub profile image


      4 years ago from Padova-Italy

      So therefore my brethren, do not hurt yourself, do not hurt your neck galopping into areas God has not ordained for you.

      More over, do not allow the devil to tie you down to a particular condition, rebuke the devil , he will fleee.


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