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Realization of Truth (Part 5 A Perfect World)

Updated on March 10, 2016

Realization of Truth

Part 5 - A Perfect World

God is perfect, and He created human beings whose world was perfect in the beginning. So why is the world so imperfect now? Human beings are tempted to sin; they make bad choices and inherit imperfection. This contributes to making the world an evil place in which to live. The problems began when the first humans disobeyed God. This caused sin to enter the world, bringing an evil curse on mankind. Since then, God has allowed evil to run its course so that we could see its effect.

How did sin enter the world? Long ago, Satan became envious of God's authority; he rebelled against God and convinced many of the other angels to rebel with Him. When these angels led by Satan rebelled against God, He banished them from Heaven. Since then, Satan and his angels, who have become demons, tempt and deceive human beings into committing evil acts. After Satan deceived the first human beings, they disobeyed God. This caused them and the world to become imperfect. Can the world ever be restored to perfection?

As time goes by, the quality of life is not getting better, but becoming steadily worse. Although many people have made improvements in the world, evil forces are causing a decline in progress. The threats of war and terrorism constantly loom over the horizon. The negative effects of a poor economy cause financial problems for the majority of families. Crime and immorality are rampant. If this trend continues, the world will likely be destroyed by its evil inhabitants. If the world is to be restored, the problem of evil must first be solved.

Human beings cannot eradicate evil. World leaders and others have been unable to bring about peace and normalcy. Satan is still converting people to his evil cause; he intends to have full authority in this world. But even if he succeeds, he would only rule as a dictator, and have anyone killed who wasn't loyal to him. Besides, Satan himself will someday be destroyed. Only God qualifies to have absolute authority; and only He can restore the world to perfection.

Many people believe that if they had enough money and power, they could create a perfect world for themselves. However, even if they succeeded, they would eventually die. Many have tried to prolong their life in some way. They spend large amounts of money on products that advertisers claim will make a person feel or look younger. Many people have built empires, but they were only able to enjoy their success for a short time. Many believe that scientists will discover a way to have a perfect world. Scientists, however, cannot stop death. Death is patient, and will eventually win.

Do people continue living in some form after they die? Some believe we become ghosts, and others believe we are reincarnated. Still others believe our soul goes to either Hell or Heaven for eternity. People, however, are not born with immortality. Why would God promise eternal life to those who are forgiven of sins if they already have immortality?

In the Bible, it is written that the punishment for sin is death. Satan wants us to believe we don't really die because of our sins, and don't need God's forgiveness to live eternally. We are, however, born with a sinful nature, causing us to have sinful thoughts and commit sinful acts. This causes us to be imperfect and eventually die. Therefore, unless God forgives us for our sins, we cannot live eternally.

After you die, do you ever live again? God wants us to live eternally, but we can't if we are imperfect. How do you become perfect? First, you need God's forgiveness for your sins. Then after you die, God will resurrect you someday. Then you will become perfect and have eternal life. Those who are forgiven for their sins will be saved from eternal destruction and live in a perfect world.

In summary, the world was perfect in its beginning. Since then, what has happened to it? Sin entered the world and God has allowed it to run its course. How did sin enter? After Satan was banished from Heaven, he deceived the first man and woman. As a result, they disobeyed God. They became imperfect and the world became imperfect.

As time goes by, the quality of life gets steadily worse. Evil forces in the world are causing a decline in progress. These forces are causing major problems and if they continue, the world will likely be destroyed by its evil inhabitants. The problem of evil must be solved if the world is to be restored to perfection.

People cannot eradicate evil. World leaders have been unable to bring peace to the world. Satan still converts people to his evil cause. If he succeeds in having full authority in the world, he would kill those who weren't loyal to him. Satan and his followers, however, will someday be destroyed. Only God qualifies to have absolute authority, and only He can restore the world.

Many people believe they could create a perfect world for themselves. But even if they did, they would eventually die. Many try different ways to prolong their life. Many build empires but only enjoy their success for a short time. Scientists try to find a way to create a perfect world, but they cannot stop death.

Do you continue living in some form after you die? Why would God promise immortality to those forgiven for their sins if they already have immortality? The punishment for sin is death. Satan wants you to believe you don't really die, and don't need God's forgiveness. But if God doesn't forgive you for your sins, you cannot live eternally.

Can you live again after you die? You cannot live eternally if you are imperfect. If you die and have God's forgiveness for your sins, you will be resurrected, and be saved from eternal destruction. You will be perfect, and have eternal life in a perfect world.

From the Bible:

"For what has a man profited if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?"

(Matthew, Chapter 16, Verse 26)

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