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Realization of Truth (Part 9 Finding Freedom)

Updated on September 5, 2015

Realization of Truth

Part 9 - Finding Freedom

All through history, countless lives have been given for the sake of freedom. Human beings, however, still remain enslaved in many ways. Many people let others control them in certain ways. For example; they don't do what they want to do; they do what others want them to do. Some people are controlled by drugs or alcohol. Still others through the ages have become victims of governmental control. Can you be totally free? If you are to find freedom, you may have to change your way of thinking.

Most people develop a need for certain things during the course of their lives. They may become dependent on those things for their well-being. Many depend on money and material things for a feeling of security; and some have become co-dependent on someone. Some rely on using drugs or alcohol to help them cope with everyday problems. Others turn to sexual pleasure or food consumption because of their low self-esteem.

When people overcome dependencies, they learn to depend on themselves to handle responsibilities. As they take control of their lives, they may find true freedom.

Freedom is a state of mind in which you harmonize with life. To achieve this state of mind, you must first realize the four levels of human existence. The most basic level is that of survival, on which we all breathe, eat, drink, and seek shelter. Having fresh air, nutritious food and liquids, and adequate shelter are all vital to your good health.

The second level of human existence is that of emotional expression. On this level you should free your mind, allowing your emotions to flow; this is essential to your happiness. Sometimes, however, your emotional expression has to be compromised so that you can live in harmony with others. This happens as we mature and become wiser.

The third level of human existence is that of intellect. In the course of life, people receive information about the world they live in. Then normally they respond to that information as they process it. We all have potential for acquiring knowledge and skills. This becomes our education, and people choose how to use their education, depending on how motivated they are.

The intellectual process is almost always affected by a person's interest, and both positive and negative factors within his or her environment. We should all have basic knowledge and skills, including reading, writing, math, history, etc. In addition, everyone should have specialized knowledge and skills that are needed to develop their careers.

The problem in society regarding education is the negative factors that interfere with the learning process of individual citizens. Specifically, in too many homes, schools, and the general public, society does not typically encourage individual expression of original ideas. You should, however, find a way to express your ideas. This is, essentially, the purpose of freedom.

The fourth level of human existence is the spiritual level. We all have thoughts about who we are and what our purpose is. Sometimes you wonder what will happen to you after you die. Your spiritual existence is that which goes beyond your five senses, and the tangible properties you perceive in your environment.

Materialism is temporary, and will only take you so far. Your life includes more than your relationship with others, your material possessions, and the knowledge you have about the material world.

What is the real meaning of life? Many people just seem to exist from day to day with no real purpose other than to survive. Some have a limited purpose with goals that they hope to achieve today, this month, or this year. But why do they restrict their life's purpose to a limited time?

People should expand their purpose to the extent that it is not restricted by time. It would be sad to believe we have no possibility of life after death. Time itself is eternal, so why should your time on earth be all that you have? We all need to think beyond the scope of our lives in this world.

With different levels of existence, we all need to achieve a balance in our lives as we search for truth, and become truly free. That means you need to survive and express your emotions, but not to the extent of harming others. With your freedom, you have a responsibility to be considerate of others.

People should share the responsibilities of freedom. To be in balance, we all need to learn, develop skills, and become productive members of society. Unfortunately, many give up and turn to crime, which is the major problem in society. Your life is out of balance if you ignore your conscience and become selfishly engulfed with your own desires.

Many people get caught in the quicksand of this life because they have let themselves be controlled by sinful desires. Human beings are born with a sinful nature; therefore, we are weak and often tempted to do wrong. When you become enslaved to your sinful desires, you are not free.

To have true freedom, you must have control of yourself, and you must choose not to do wrong. This may not be easy but it is worthwhile if you want to live the right way and be free.

God wants us to be free. He does not want people to be enslaved to the desires of their sinful nature. He also wants them to know the truth about their existence, and that they do have the possibility of living again after they die. You die because of your sins, but if God forgives you for your sins, you can live again.

Jesus is the Son of God, and He came to this world to save us from death. In the Bible you can find the teachings of Jesus, and how He died for our sins. In addition, you can find that Jesus was resurrected and returned to Heaven. Christians are those who believe in Jesus as their savior. The hope of Christians is that someday Jesus will return to this world and take them to Heaven.

You can find freedom from sin and death. The truth is that you cannot free yourself from the bondage of sin. You can choose to live a temporary life with a limited purpose. You can choose to live selfishly and not care what happens after you die. You can try to live a good life, according to what you think is right. But in the end, you would not have eternal life.

If you believe in Jesus as your Savior, He will help you overcome sin and live the right way. Then, after you die, you will someday be resurrected and have eternal life.

From the Bible:

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

(John, Chapter 8, Verse 32)

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