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Realize that One has become many!

Updated on October 22, 2013

Dualities and contrast in life!

How multiplicity has emerged from single force?

If there is only one, there is no chance for conflict or rivalry! The scriptures validate the theory of oneness of God. It is the creation and cosmos which is seen as different from god, which gave rise to all the confusions and problems. In fact, this is really an illusion to view the creation as different from the creator. In the Bagawat Gita, Lord Krishna clarifies this point. “Know Arjuna! This creation is part of Me!

Before creation, there was none except the primal force, called differently as the Self or Atma or God. When the creation commenced, the One primal force has given rise to multifarious things and living beings. The fish, bird, animal and finally the human being were the different species created. As none of the lower species could appreciate creation, God has empowered man with thoughts, discrimination and choice making faculties. The pure Love showered by God could be grasped only by the human being. Since the creation has been viewed as diverse, duality has entered into the mind of man. He started differentiating things as good and bad, favorable and unfavorable, profit and loss, pleasure and pain and finally knowledge and ignorance. The creation itself was made possible due to dualities. None would appreciate the white color, if there is no black color. None can enjoy the cool shade of a tree bereft of the scorching sun. Food was made available to satiate hunger. If there is no hunger, creation will cease. The struggle to find the source of food from the Stone Age is continuing till today. Of course, the cave man risked his life to find food. Sometimes, he will wander for many days in order to bring some animal or bird or fish. There was no possibility of getting timely meals as it prevails today. But even today there are many countries affected by acute poverty unable to feed its population.

We have seen that hunger made man to search for food. Likewise he searched for water to quench his thirst. To safeguard himself from extreme weather, he had to construct some makeshift shelters. He learned about the use of fire and handmade tools. He had a family and he had to protect them and feed them. Hence all evaluation started from hunger and thirst. Had there been no hunger, humanity would have perished long ago. “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Today, those necessities have given way to luxuries and comforts. Today, man wants to exert only his brain and not his bodies. Consequent to the invention of computers and internet, even the little exertion of brain has come to knot. Now for every little thing, we don’t think since there is a handy smart phone. It does all functions. Only you have to make some finger movements. This is how technology has made us very lazy. Now children do not memorize. Everything is available in the tablets and other handy gadgets. I remember memorizing the multiplication tables even after reaching high school stages. All calculations were done manually. No question of calculator. Even the logarithm tables, slide rules are subsequent inventions. Today, I wonder at the assortment of gadgets which assist us. The activity of the brain is simply suspended.

Consequent to the use of internet, letter writing has simply ceased. Nobody meets anybody. All through video calls and chats or simply messages. We have truly become one of the gadgets. In fact, the gadgets are using human beings. Technology has brought such changes in human psyche and behavior. We used to wait for handwritten mails from the family in good olden days. Now we don’t get mail at all except the telephone bills and credit card bills. Conversation has ceased due to the leap in communication technology. Why should we bother to speak? Simply send a message! This has become the slogan nowadays. Due to video calling facilities, our sons and daughters have chosen not to come down on vacation. Everything is through skype or google talk. I do not know where the present generation will land by such mechanical interactions. I heard that people living in the same house are messaging each other. But one day definitely the craze for the gadgets will cease and people would long to revert to the old interaction practices. No gadget can substitute actual human interactions. We have become robots among the actual robots. But everything has to come to a circle. Nothing will stagnate in the same stage forever. Though technology is meant for the welfare of the humanity on the whole, its contribution is meager in this respect.

How all this came about? It is purely due to duality in creation. Water vapor condensed into water and water condensed into ice. Though all these look different and exhibit different qualities, basically all these are manifestation of one thing, ‘water’. Likewise, the entire universe is the manifestation of Divine termed as Self or Atma. If the oneness is known, there won’t be any more rivalry or conflict in this world of creation!


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