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Realize your True Identity!

Updated on October 11, 2015

We are not the bodies which we wear!

Everyone in this world wants unadulterated happiness forever. Is it possible to get such happiness in this human environment? At the same time, none wants grief or pain or sadness caused to them by any means. In today’s world, this has become an elusive search. Though everyone wants happiness, what they get is only sadness! Even if they become happy at some event or cause, it is very fragile like the streaks of lightening and a pale of gloom descends soon after the lightening.

People try to achieve happiness by resorting to tasty foods, nectar like drinks, perfumes of flowers, melodious and heartwarming songs which soothe our soul, velvety touches etc. The list becomes lengthier. Some people want to become rich; they try to amaze lot of wealth and properties including conveyances like costly limousines. They construct palace like dwellings with beautiful interiors and flower gardens, swimming pools and what not? Ask them, whether they are happy now and whether their happiness is static? None in the world even the richest Sultans, harsh dictators or mighty Kings enjoyed their status or riches or kingdoms. Till we achieve something, we become frantic but once you achieve the goals, the euphoria ends and our oscillating and unsteady mind seeks something more and special to satiate us. But we find that all such searches have become futile in the long run and everything is a ‘mirage’ in the desert!

If we search the history of human beings, the quest for happiness is the common thread. The ancient Stone Age man was searching for it without knowing in food, clothing, shelter, protection and communication. After millions of years, scholars, philosophers, kings and warriors, business people and leaders of countries were in search of it in their own ways. Many people thought that fame and fortune can lead to happiness. Some people taught scholarship and punditry makes one happy. Hence there was proliferation of Arts and Drama. But sadly, none could gain this elusive happiness anywhere in the outside world.

Thus started the quest for happiness in Churches, temples and mosques. Many people sought the help of famous saints, philosophers and spiritual guides. But, none is aware that teachings and scriptures can at best be ‘guideposts’ and not the destination. This quest was going on throughout the ages in all religions and sects. Fortunately, we had some interesting personalities in the East who could give answers to these intricate questions of life. One is Sri Ramana Maharishi of South India who spelt out genuine Truths. He asserted “You are That”. You need not exert yourself to achieve something which is inherent in your own being. You have to just remove the false notion that you have to achieve Peace and Joy. Remove the false thinking that ‘One has to strive and achieve”. When your very nature is “Bliss Supreme”, why should you strive for it? Simply BE. Nothing more is needed. But, majority of people are attached to the tabernacle called ‘body’. We falsely consider the body as “I”. In fact, the “I” is the SELF or ATMA and not the perishable body which is ephemeral and the evanescent mind principle. See within and dive deep in your Self which is the whole truth!

Some wise person in the West has told a beggar who was sitting on a trunk box, “”The treasure you search is just below you. See what is inside the trunk box! The beggar was sitting over the trunk box for fifty years or more, begging his food from wayfarers. Our disposition is similar. We are the holder of Divine Treasure within each but everyone is searching foolishly in the outside world! This is the Non-dual philosophy practiced by Ramana and many other exalted personalities in the past. Know and dive deep within your SELF. You are That (God) verily!

Happiness is No Mind status.


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