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Reason Behind the Upsurge in Islamic Terrorism

Updated on January 30, 2016

The Beginning

Islam is supposed to be a peaceful religion, so the armchair pseudo secularists tell us. The latest men to jump on the bandwagon are a couple of prominent American citizens and stars who have stated that they can understand how the minority Muslim community is feeling the back lash of the California killings. I am afraid these same man had nothing to say when the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia called for all churches in Saudi Arabia to be razed to the ground. They were also silent when the Muslims targeted Hindus in Pakistan’s Frontier and Afghanistan.

The fact is the Muslims as a group are governed by the dictates of their books( as interpreted by hardline clerics and Mullahs) and now we know that they take these sermons literally and act accordingly. Recent raids on mosques in France have revealed sophisticated weaponry and the French are surprised. It has shocked them that such weapons from rifles to grenades were kept stored in these mosques. One wonders what use is such weaponry in a holy place. The answer is obvious that their use was to foment terror and kill any number of ' non believers' as possible as ordained in the Holy Scriptures.

Thus the root cause of this Islamic resurge of violence is in the interpretation of the holy books by vested interests and I am afraid it won’t go away

The Upsurge in Violence

All over the world Islamic violence is sweeping across like a tidal wave. One can see that in the heartland of Africa the Wahhabi groups led by Boko Haram have launched a massive campaign of terror, murder, rape and abduction of Christians and their women in a bid to spread Islam. The battle is severe and no country in the Central and Northern to East Africa is exempt from it. The Islamists under leadership if ISI have also seized vast tracts of land in Middle East and are well ensconced in Africa (Libya) and other places.

The Islamists are also taking on the security forces in Kashmir and Afghanistan and in Bangladesh killings of men and women writing against these terror groups are prime targets. In the west they have carried out a massacre in France and killings in California. This is just the tip of the ice berg and soon a massive tidal wave of violence will engulph the world unless it is dammed.

The question remains why there is so much violence. What is the problem?

The Sustenance from Clerics and Mullahs

The mystery of Islamic terror is easily understood as a dream floated by the Wahhabi leadership, promising a path to paradise for anybody who dies in the cause of Allah. This ‘cause’ is open to interpretation and presently the minority has enforced their view by the gun and terror tactics. The beheadings and rapes are a matter of policy to cow the majority Muslim community and create fear as well as spread uncertainty in the minds of the opponents.

Matters are not helped by an approach of the holy books which are open to interpretation either way. As an example the word “Jihad” is mentioned 44 times in the Koran and again what Jihad means is also open to interpretation. It is interpreted by th eclerics and hardliners to suit their own agenda.

The battle is clear from Africa to the Middle East where the shadowy Al Baghdadi leads as the promised Caliph. In Africa the Boko Haram is on to a path of terror, abductions of Christian girls and an attempt to enforce the Sharia.

In the west the Muslim communities has not integrated with the values of the host nation and have obeyed the interpretation of the holy books as broadcast by the Wahhabi group. They want to enforce a ’pure’ form of Islam all over the world. In case anybody does not agree they cite the writings in the holy books, which they interpret in their own way. The result is a great motivation to Muslims all over the world and no wonder a steady supply of recruits is available as fodder for the extremist leadership.

One is reminded of Taslima Sharif the Bangladesh writer who had asked for the Muslim holy books to be revised. She invited a fatwa for her death and barely escaped to India, where she resides now.

The Muslim majority is rendered redundant either by design or otherwise and one can say that the battle ahead is long and hard.


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    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 

      2 years ago

      Thank you for sharing you thoughts. Tell me how many Muslims do you really know and have spent any length of time with to understand what Muslims actually behave like. It appears that most of what you have written about is based on your observation of individuals who claim to be Muslims. But not actually showing anything Islamic. I can claim to be a Hindu or Christian and go and carryout a bad action, does that make me a Christian or Hindu, certainly not. In a similar way those crazy S*B's practice nothing Islamic yet regurgitate Quranic verses as if they manufactured it. Please read the Quran yourself, go and talk to a real Islamic Scholar then pass judgement.

    • emge profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Thank you for commenting. That was a typo mistake and actully referred to many Americans who are against the views of Trump.

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      I never question why Islamic extremists and Muslim extremists do what they do. They are clear and consistent about what they want and what they are willing to do to get it. What is puzzling is reaction of western leaders. Are they being bribed to ignore for instance the dictates of Sharia law?

      Western feminists often don't show even a passing interest in the way women are treated under Sharia law. As near as I can tell they are only interested in short term economic outcomes in the west and have given no thought to what would happen if thousands or millions of people who want Sharia law move to the West.

      By the way, the main person we refer to when we say "Steve Jobs" has already died. Are you referring to someone else like Bill Gates?


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