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Reason For Our Existence

Updated on November 18, 2011

The Reason for it All

I hope that I never will lose my faith and spiritual roots. I have a strong faith in my Creator. In my ramblings of thought, I have had flashes of brightness and some dull experiences, as well. One consideration that I stumbled on was the possible reason that our benevolent Creator made us in His image and later would Rapture or gather us into the fold, after we have lived our lives on this planet, and gotten to the point that we have arrived. I have considered that there are most likely thousands, if not millions of other planets with life, perhaps similar to our own, who our creator put in place. Could He have made these peoples like us in basic structure and intelligence? Could there not be some who are much more intelligent and capable than we are? Finally, could the Creator of the Universe have deliberately produced living creatures that will contribute, ultimately, to one another? When God gathers His own in the last days of life on His worlds, perhaps these are the fruits of His labor. The wheat is removed from the chaff. The good is removed from evil.

God always sees that his creations in good, triumph over evil. Sometimes He uses Evil and allows it to assume it has won, only to find out in the end that it has been used to the ultimate triumph of goodness. The Antichrist may think he is winning, but later he will discover that God is in control and he is toast. I see and believe that dark forces are part of the Universe. It is much like the Ying and Yang told of by the Chinese. The good force as opposed by the bad force.The positive against the negative. I believe that God is ultimately in complete control of all of these forces. He manages these against one another to accomplish his goals for the good of all. The good, the pure, the perfect of God's creations will inherit life and the continuation of life for evermore. This is what creation is all about, the sustaining of life and not the extinction of it

The Native American peoples of the West have spoken of Wakontonka and how he came to show them about God and to live the good life. He was said to wear a robe of white and it had tiny blue crosses around the hems. This was to have taken place in the early nineteenth century. It was passed on by the people in stories and handed down through their ancestors. I believe that Christ did visit them then and that He has come to those who have asked for Him and were in need. I believe that angelic beings are sent all over the universe to aid those in need. God wants us all to be happy and successful.

We have learned the joy and wonder of serving our God in time and the length of time we each spend on this earth, we have a chance to discover this great gift. What do you feel when you are able to help another person who needs food, clothing are a helping hand? To me this is the most wonderful feeling I could have ever experienced in my life. I get more self satisfaction, more pure enjoyment than anything in my life. Not anything that I have received as a present or complement, or valuables has ever meant so much to me in my life. I believe this is the way and life that our Christ talked about, and that we should follow Him always.

I know that God saw his creation in man and that we needed help in reaching His House. That is the reason that He sent His Son Jesus to lead us on the right pathway to our heavenly home. God gave us all the ability to think and reason. He gave us an imagination which can be the root of accomplishing great things.


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    • Steve Orion profile image

      Steve Orion 6 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      I disagree with many claims made in this hub, but it's good to be reflective on the possibility of other life in the universe. I will say that the odds of us being the only ones, and the most intelligent, at that, are incredibly small. Look at pictures taken by the most powerful telescopes of our time and it takes a lot of the self-assigned importance away from humans. Interesting Hub.