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Reason behind death and the existence of soul

Updated on January 10, 2016


In my previous article, I explained how life reached the planet Earth. The life particles (constructor-analyser pairs) were responsible for creating life on Earth. The life particles were able to create a variety of life forms on Earth. The diversity of the living forms was increasing due to the ability of the life particles to evolve through the changing environment. Now I am going to explain some of the unsolved mysteries around us based on my “Theory of life”. The first thing that I’ll cover is the mortality of the living forms. I’ll explain why people die and born again. After that I'll explain how this theory supports the existence of soul and the life after death.

Why are we living?

According to the “Theory of life” by Puneet Sharma, every living organism is controlled by a life particle inside it. The life particles created after the Dual bang contain tremendous amount of energy. They travel at a very high speed throughout the Universe. However, after some time, their energy starts diminishing and they fall on a certain planet. I explained in my previous article that the life particles are responsible for creating life on any planet. Now, I will explain the reason behind creating lives on different planets.

The life particles will fall on a planet only if they don’t have sufficient energy to travel further in the Universe. When they fall on any planet, they start creating various life forms. The reason behind the creation of life is very simple and clear. The life particles don’t have enough energy to travel further in the Universe. So, they need an energy source that can fulfil their energy needs. The living structures created by the life particles are able to consume the resources in their surroundings to generate energy. This energy is used to keep that organism alive and live further. However, some amount of this energy is also used by the life particle to fulfil its energy requirements.

It is quite clear that the life particle needs the living organism to fulfil its energy requirements. So, the reason for the living organism to live is to consume food and generate energy for the life particle. The living organism keeps doing this until it fulfils the energy requirements of the life particle.

The reason behind ageing

The energy requirement of the life particles is very high and cannot be fulfil by the living organisms in a short span of time. So, the living organism keeps on providing some amount of energy to the life particle throughout its life. To compensate this help, the life particle helps in maintaining the health of the living organism.

After a long period of time when the energy requirements of the life particle are fulfilled, it stops taking care of the living organism it owns. Now it just consumes the energy collected by the living organism without taking the responsibility of maintaining good health of the living organism. As a result, the living organism starts weakening. Its body parts become inefficient with the passage of time. This phenomenon is called as “ageing”. As the living organism grows in age, its efficiency and capabilities go on decreasing. The symptoms of ageing in human beings are wrinkled skin and weak bones. The living organism grows old and the life particle acts just like a parasite. It just consumes the energy generated by the living organism without doing any benefit to the living organism.

Death and the existence of soul

The life particle inside the living organism keeps consuming its energy till it dies. The living organism dies because of the continuous weakening of its body parts. When the living organism dies, it becomes unable to eat food and generate energy further. So, it is of no use to the life particle. This is the right time for the life particle to leave the body of that living organism. The life particle leaves the dead body behind and heads towards its journey to some new planet. The life particle leaving a dead body is also called as the “soul”. This is why there is a common belief that the body dies, but the soul remains alive. Now this life particle will create life on some other planet and this cycle of life and death will keep running like that.


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      2 years ago

      I have long found that the existence of human life is a natural phenomena that was a totally random happening. We are a temporary existence with a beginning and end, that being birth and death. No more no less. We are not going any further than where we end our lives.


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