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What Happens if You Sell Your Soul

Updated on April 28, 2014

Hell's Gate


Reasons for Not Selling Your Soul

1. The reasoning given for selling your soul in one text from the Satan worshipers states that you really have no soul. That is as if you really have no soul to lose. In fact, why would someone be attempting to buy it then if you then have no soul?

2. Your soul is a precious part of yourself, without it you would be lost. It is a large part of yourself. It holds all of your hopes and dreams. Without your soul within yourself you would be just like a zombie.

3. He is the Devil, should you trust him? Probably not. It is not really likely that he has your best interests at heart. This is very old time logic that he can just have your soul. There is nothing there of modern day reasoning.

4. Stick to your beliefs. You probably were not brought up as a devil worshiper. There is really no reason to give up now. What will you do with yourself then? What is there to live for without any hope?

5. The Devil will probably not win in the fight for the world. He does not care what will happen to you. The Devil is out of the scope of anything that you know and you don't understand him.

6. This is all a part of myth and not a reality. You need to start to learn to live in the real world. Living in the real world will allow you to access real knowledge. You will improve yourself and learn to be a better person. You will feel better.

7. In time, you will learn to deal with your problems. Things that seem as if you just cannot win with them now will be easy for you to do later.

8. Asking for help from above may be the better answer.

9. If you don't sell your soul, you can keep it and be a whole person. Without your soul it would be difficult if not impossible to function in the real world. Your feelings and grasp of what is happening would just not be there. You would be like a computer and not a real person at all. Everything is not as bad as it seems now. You are on the Earth and one of God's children. You are not meant to suffer. It is only a temporary thing that is happening.

10. You would be corrupt then. You will lose everything that you have. All of your memories will be tainted. Your loved ones will be unreachable. You will then no longer be the same person at all. You would lose yourself. You would go to Hell. Surely it cannot be that great a place to go to at all.

Note: It may be much easier than you think to actually make contact with a devil and to sell your soul.

Reasons to Sell Your Soul

Would you sell your soul for one of these benefits?

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Would You Sell Your Immortal Soul?

Would you sell your Soul to the Devil?

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Bedazzled actors Dudley Moore and Peter Cook

Dudley Moore and Peter Cook
Dudley Moore and Peter Cook | Source

Movies About Selling Your Soul


In Bedazzled Dudley Moore sells his soul to the devil. He wants to go out with the waitress at work. She does not pay any attention to him. He will do anything to win her. The Devil offers her to him if he sells him his soul. Dudley does that and is soon very sorry. Dudley Moore is of course hysterical. There was also a second movie on this same story done later. It had a female devil.

The Devil grants him three wishes. One of them is already gone as he has wished for an ice cream. He complains about that.

The Devil asks him what he wants for the next wish. Dudley tells him. The Devil grants him his wish as if he will get the girl but it does not work out. The Devil instead makes it seem as if he will get his wish but then he does not. The girl backs away from him every time so that his idea of having her does not come true.The Devil bests him every time. He is angry and wants his soul back. Then he wakes up out of whatever it is that was happening. He is glad to be back at being normal.

Mephisto Waltz

In the 1971 Mephisto Waltz Jacqueline Bisset plays a character that misses her dead husband. She is suspicious of the other couple that they knew. She knows that something is wrong and seeks out help from the other side. She decides to make a spell to the devil asking him for help. She tells him that she is there to bargain. She gets her wish to have her husband back.

Rosemary's Baby

This movie was inspired by the Ira Levin book of the same name. It is a wonderfully scary movie. A young married woman becomes pregnant and is going to have a baby. Her husband is a working actor in New York. But what has happened? Her husband has a new part. He may have as a matter of fact, sold his soul to the devil to get it in an agreement.


There have been several movies made about the Faust legend. One of them has Richard Burton in the lead as Faust. Elizabeth Taylor plays a demon of the night that is called on to make sure he wants to sell his soul to Satan and is happy. It is probably the most famous tale of a man selling his soul to the devil.

Pandemonium | Source

Incantation by Goya


The Crossroads

Selling Your Soul at the Crossroads

It is said that if you want to be able to play the guitar and to get fame you go to the crossroads to sell your soul. It should be at night when no one else is there. Ideally it is at midnight. You begin to play your guitar. Soon you will hear another guitar playing. It is played by the Devil. Then you have made a deal with the Devil. There are various different rituals that have been told about this.

You are supposed to be able to use this to play other musical instruments or skills also. Sometimes the Devil comes in different disguises.


Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan
Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan | Source

Satanists and The Church of Satan

The Church of Satan in San Francisco never really got anywhere. It is supposed to have gone in hiding a bit now underground. It had a lot of bad things happen to them and bad luck. People for the most part did not really want to go to the church. There is religious freedom in the US, so it was there.

It says in their book that they see Satan as being a force of nature. He was supposed to be telling God about what people were doing. In that way, he was a watcher of men. It just does not make sense in many ways what it says in their book on the church by Anton LaVey of the Church of Satan. I just made a typo that came out as sin.

Mephistopheles in the Sky, Eugene Delacroix
Mephistopheles in the Sky, Eugene Delacroix | Source


"The Weirdness" by Jeremy R. Bushnell is a new book that is set in San Francisco. He is a young man and thinking of selling his own soul to the devil. It is supposed to be funny as it looks at the battle between good and evil. Certain people called the Right Hand Path attempt to help him. He does not want to see the devil's PowerPoint presentation.

Door to Hell in Turkmenistan



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    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 2 years ago from San Diego California

      Interesting, but weird stuff. I do not doubt that this stuff exists, but I'm certainly going no farther than your hub on this subject. Of course the devil wants us to think he is sweet and innocence, but I think the most powerful weapon he uses is to make us think that he does not exist at all. Great hub, and I really liked the creepy images.

    • profile image

      jesika 3 years ago

      I was thinking about for popularity and a wild life but who knows if it'll work

    • profile image

      givenup 3 years ago

      Honestly I'm seriously thinking about it. Because I want to be special among people. And if I go to heaven everyone will be and if everyones one will be....

    • profile image

      ben 3 years ago


    • profile image

      natalia 3 years ago

      If it tru its okay

    • profile image

      Jamison 3 years ago

      what's funny that i was listening to The Devil's Den (Skrillex song) while reading this

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