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Reasons to believe there is a God!

Updated on March 21, 2015


There are people that have a hard time believing in God. Thank God, we live in a free country with freedom of speech. I am going to take advantage of my freedom and weigh in on a controversial subject-GOD! The most frequent thing I hear is that God does not exist. In the 60's, there was a saying going around saying-"GOD IS DEAD!"

Well, my friend, God is not dead, but alive. First, I want to challenge you to think. It wouldn't be fair if you had a biased view of ice cream and never tasted it. For any food critic or connoisseur, not trying food without tasting it is taboo. A good food connoisseur will taste some food and describe its characteristics. Consider this verse- "O, taste and see that the Lord is good..." (Psalms 34:8) My question to you is-Have you tasted of the goodness of the Lord?

God is light!

Many people complain that just because we don't see God, he doesn't exist. Before we go any further, I am reminded of a story. There was this atheist teacher who wanted to show her class that God did not exist. A girl named Mary annoyed her because she always carried her Bible everywhere. She called Peter to the forefront and asked him to look out the window. The teacher asked him- "Peter, can you see the grass ?" Peter answered- "Yes!" The teacher, proceeded further and said- "Peter, can you see the clouds ?" Peter, again, answered-"Yes!" Finally, with a sneaky smile, the teacher asked-"Peter, can you see God?" Peter hesitated, looked around and barely said no. The teacher with a triumphant smile looking at Mary said-:" Since we don't see God, we have to conclude that he doesn't exist!"

Mary, stood up and said to Peter-"Did you see the grass?" Peter answered-"Yes!" Mary,looking at Peter said-" Did you see the clouds?" Peter let out a sigh and said-"Yes!" Then, Mary said- "Now, Peter, do you see the teacher's brain?" Peter hesitated and said no. Then Mary concluded- " Since we didn't see the teacher's brain, we have to conclude that she has no brain!" Case closed.

Seeing is not, always, believing. Science has shown us that when an object travels at a great speed, it gets smaller. Time starts to slow down. If that small object can travel at a speed of light, it disappears. It is a scientific fact that time stops at the speed of light. The reason that we don't see God is that he travels at the speed of light. In fact, the word says that God is light.(I John 1:5) There is no time in his kingdom.


Prophecy in the Bible...

There are many prophecies in the Bible that show us that God's word is true. It is a medical fact that Heart attacks are the number 1 killer in this nation. Stress, anxiety and worry have opened the door to not, only, heart attacks but other sicknesses as well. Diseases such as High blood pressure and strokes are caused directly by stress and anxiety.

Luke 21:26 says that men's hearts will fail them because of fear. It, also, says that the powers of heaven shall be shaken. We are seeing more and more natural catastrophes than ever before. The high cost of living and unemployment has many worried and have opened the door to sickness and disease.

Christianity has been attacked in the past. Men have tried to burn the bible. Christians have been thrown in a den of Lions and to this day, many are being beheaded. Thank God in America, Christians still have a right to worship. Granted, I realize that there have been crimes committed in the name of Christianity, I, personally, believe that people who committed such crimes were not real Christians.

A true Christian prays for his enemies. Christians are not perfect, they are forgiven. This does not give us a license to sin, but to strive to be an example of Christ, knowing that as human beings, we are flawed and imperfect. Many find it offensive when a Christian says that Jesus is the only way, but that is what the Bible says. (John 14:6) What makes Christianity different is that when Jesus died, they could never find his body. It is an empty tomb.

So, in conclusion, You need to taste God to have a sound judgement of him. Scientific facts back the Bible as well as an empty tomb. There may be claims of people finding the body of Jesus, but it is a lie. Jesus is real, and he wants to be real in your life. Taste and see that the Lord is good. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and have a new beginning in your life.

I have a website in which I share some teachings from the Bible. I have, also, the sinners prayer if you are serious for a new change in your life. Jesus wants to be your friend and Savior. He, also, wants to be your healer, protector and provider. You many know him as your Savior, but do you know him as your provider? The answer to all your problems are in the Bible. God bless.


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