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Attempt of Burning of Holy Quran

Updated on July 24, 2011

Rebels of Lord

If all human beings truly follow the religions, there will be peace and prosperity everywhere. There will be religious harmony and tolerance, as no religion allows its followers to call bad names of respectable of others; there is no religion which allows burning the holy books of others; there is no religion which allows cutting throats of others in the name of God. No! not at all. Rather such persons, who act in this manner, are rebels of Lord. They are inviting the damnation and wrath of God, which has diminished even the greatest nations of the history and now we can see their signs as exemplary admonition.

A person, who acts violently against other religions by burning holy books, calling bad names of respectable of others etc, is not a true follower. In fact he is making his fellowmen fool. How can one can get close to God by hurting feelings of billions of His Creatures? Does God like those who cause violence, aggression and brutality on His earth in the name of God? Everyone should understand that if one is during such like acts; he is the true rebel of God. He is curse to humanity. Such like persons are full of greed of the worldly pleasures like winning popularity and wealth. There is a tremendous need of identifying such culprits in today’s so-called modern society. Such like people are stain on the face of the society and it is the responsibility of the today’s modern world that they should be dealt with iron hands.

We see the West as the most advanced society of the world, which is least interested in religions, thanks to attitude of their religious leaders that is why most of the religious places in the West are on sale. Such so called people spoke of the philosophy, which is beyond the comprehension of general people simply because they are misleading their people. They are struggling for their survival. So they develop new methods to attract the general public which is otherwise sick of them.

A recent example of such like attempt is burning of holy Quran by some of crazy Christian. No doubt, burning of holy quran could not be termed as an attack on Islam by Christians, as it is just an individual act, just like that one took place on 9/11 by some mislead young Muslims, and this incidence was condemned by whole Islamic World.

Muslims are often blamed of extremism. Now what is this? Who is showing intolerance to other religions by burning holy Quran? Is there any report of burning a holy Bible in the Muslim world? Is there any incidence in the Muslim world to call bad name of Christ the Jesus. Is there any incidence of waging war on a Christian state by a Muslim country.

On the other hand, when a Muslim calls the name of Jesus, he usually also say; Alaihe Salam (Peace be upon him). His name appears in Quran twenty five times. Quran recognizes him as a prophet and servant of Almighty. Similarly, Muslims have great respect for Mary, mother of Jesus. She is counted as the most respected lady in the history. It is also the part of the faith of Muslims to believe in the scriptures including holy Bible. Though, it is believed that it is not the real holy Bible of Jesus that is why it has countless versions.

It is the responsibility of the true Christians to recognize those black sheep among them and they should be brought to book for their evil designs against humanity. For common Christians, Bible may be just a common book, which has lost its sanctity thanks to interventions of silly human beings. However, for Muslims Quran is much more than just a Book. It is a Book of God, containing commandments of Almighty. So what was the purpose behind this ill motivated act of burning holy Quran to hurt the feelings of billions of human beings (I think West may think Muslims as Human beings)? Who is spreading bloodshed on the Earth of God? Are they Muslims in the Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, who are taking lives of innocents just to robe the wealth from the genuine owners.

Only purpose behind this evil act of burning the holy Quran is to get popularity and lot of money at the cost of hurting feelings of billions human beings and promoting violence on the earth of God which act should be condemned by all.


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