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Rebirth and reincarnations!

Updated on January 3, 2012

Saibaba with Cowans, perform marriage!

Saibaba saves Walter Cowan!

Rebirth and Reincarnation.

Only in Eastern religions and especially in Hindu Scriptures, the philosophy of rebirth and reincarnation has been dealt extensively. Hindus believes in rebirth and Karmas (past actions which result in either good or bad). It is identical to Newton’s law of action and reaction.

In the philosophy of West, rebirth or reincarnation has not been dealt. Christians believe in final Judgment and the consequent heaven and hell.

But, the differences in each one’s life cannot be logically discussed unless there is a preponderant cause for the differences. When inert things exert reactions, how we can assume that our actions will not yield consequent results?

Why the prophets and messiahs preach the people love, tolerance, brotherhood and other noble virtues? They know that these virtues elevate one and bad qualities make a human a veritable demon on earth. Outwardly one may look human. But demonic qualities are embedded in his sub conscious.

In the present Dark Age, almost all human beings possess good and bad in their psyche albeit in various proportions. None on this earth is absolutely impeccable character nor is some person utterly inhuman per se. Efforts should be made to reduce the negatives in our character and cultivate the positive one. There are many research materials available all over the world to prove that there is rebirth. In some rarest cases, some children remember their past births to an extent and they exhibit some subtle memory of past events in a distant place in a distant continent even.

Sathya Saibaba once revived an American Walter Cowan from death. After his revival, Walter has published in the media, his after body experiences clearly. He was suffering from many diseases and he was old. He had come to Chennai(then Madras) to visit Sathya Saibaba who was camping at Chennai at that time. During the time of passing away of Walter, Saibaba was addressing a huge gathering in Abbotsbury, a renowned place in the then Mount Road. Saibaba was continuing his lecture. At the same time, Saibaba was seen at the General Hospital by the duty Doctor who attended Walter when he was brought there. He examined Walter and declared him dead due to cardiac arrest. His body was covered and kept in an adjoining room for further inquiry. At the exact time, Saibaba visited the place where Walter’s body was lying and within few minutes, Waltair was sitting on the bench where his body was laid. Let us hear what Walter has to tell about this experience.

“I was struggling for breath and suddenly I felt a great relief and standing outside my body. Strangely, Saibaba was standing there. He took me to a place after much time. It was like the Hall of Justice. When I was brought to the Hall, somebody there were reading my entire history from the very beginning. The scrolls were in many languages. When I could understand some portions, I understood that I was standing for Peace and other great qualities and I served King George. After all the scrolls were read, Saibaba talked to the Judge to hand over me to His custody. The Judge nodded. I was again brought back to the place where my body was lying and here I was feeling all the problems of the body”

The peculiar part of the story is that “all the while Saibaba was continuing with his lecture at Abbotsbury! This episode in a way prove us that there is rebirth for everybody!


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    • raakachi profile image

      raakachi 5 years ago from Madurai / Tamilnadu / India

      Yes! rebirth is like the law of newton's (3rd law)that for every action there will be equal and opposite reaction. It's very interesting to read your hub full of philosophy, that is ought to be known. Thanks for sharing! voted as interesting.