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Receiving the Gift You Give

Updated on January 30, 2013

Give and it shall be Given unto You...pressed down, shaken together and running over and you will reap what you sow.

These statements indicate Receiving as a means of Giving, but How can you give what you have not received?

Giving identifies what you have Received.

You will Not Receive that which you Can Not or Refuse to Give.

If one Gives and another Receives, who has benefited more, the Giver or the Receiver? The Bible says it is better to Give than to Receive.

If a Giver gives grudgingly he will Reap grudgingly and if the Receiver refuses the Gift then Giving is NOT COMPLETE.

Do you believe you have anything to Give?

Everything you need to Give is Inside of You, you have only to Receive the Gift but then you must Give it to Bare Fruit.

You see how Farmers Plant Seed and then comes the Harvest after he has planted. You Can Not Give what you don't know you have and You Can Not Multiply what you won't Give.

Giving is the witness to what you Possess and it is an extension of Receiving.

Every Gift given means the Giver has received that which he Giveth and if he has nothing to give he has yet to Acknowledge what he has Received, but he can only Bare Fruit after he has Given.

Giving is recognition that you Possess it and can Give it accordingly. You must understand that Not Receiving something does Not mean it is Not yours to have. There are many things we have, yet are we unaware of them.

We have only to ACCEPT them and then are we able to Give and we will reap a Harvest from our Giving.

How can you Give Love if you don't understand you are Loved?

It is Impossible for you to Give that which you have Not Received and how can you Give unless you Realize you have Received it.

Those who wish to obtain Friends must 1st be found Friendly, otherwise, he remains Friendless. However, if he gives of Himself as a Friend he will obtain many Friends.

The Bible says that Christ Loved us First. If you Love someone you must have 1st received that which you Give otherwise you Can Not Give what you have not.

Understand that you are Love because you come from it and if you come from it this would mean it is Inside of You. How then can you Not Demonstrate what you are?

Who can Measure what you have unless you Give it. To Give it does not mean you lose it, but it is an extension of what you have Received.

Each person Gives according to what he possesses and what he Gives Indicates what he has Received.

The Law of Reaping and Sowing

No man can Reap what he has Not Sown, neither can he Sow what he has Not Reaped.

The Sower must Sow and then shall he Reap. How then can he Reap without Sowing? Until he realizes he has Reaped he Can Not Sow.

How can you give something when you don't know you have it? Therein lies the Dilemma. In order to Receive you must be willing to Give and No one wants to Give because he equates Giving to Loss and Loss is one of our Greatest Fears.

We Understand this way of thinking, nevertheless, we must Discover the Gifts we have Received Already and Give it in order to Reap at Harvest Time.

Is It Better To Give or Receive? HONESTLY!

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