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The Story of Betrayal - Blessing in disguise

Updated on November 1, 2012

“As far as I am concerned, God turned into good what you meant for evil. He brought me to the high position I am today so I could save the lives of many people”Genesis 50:20

One of life's many challenges is family betrayals. When my mother and my sister ganged up against me during one of my worst times in life, I felt a fist of fury, I felt the world around me collapsing, I simply wanted out of this life but, I remembered somebody's story, An inspirational story that challenged me to get my acts together and looked forward to the future. I recalled this story in my mind several times and I was greatly encouraged.

Here I share his story....

Joseph was a man with coat of many colors loved by his father and hard working too but hated by his siblings. Sometimes, Joseph felt their hatred towards him but he stayed closer, perhaps they might change their minds, many times he was an outcast among his very own brothers, they treated him with hostility most of the time yet he did not understand why. He sought approval and affirmation from his siblings several times but he never got through to them.

It was like, their heart was hardened towards him, they hated his guts with passion, yet he tried so hard to feel loved by them, he did all they asked him to do except evil. He tried so hard to feel among but was never welcomed in their midst. One day, suddenly, he was sold into slavery, by his very own brothers. At that point, everything else became blurry until he got to Egypt. The whip behind his back woke him up, he had sleep walked all along, he felt tired and hungry, his body ached, he longed to go back home, to his father and younger brother, the only two people who loved him in the whole world.

Thought of returning home was too far fetched, it was over for him back home. He had a new life, a life of slavery. He cried as he remembered his freedom back home. Another whip on his back brought him back to reality. He heard a voice, sharp and succinct, that one....and then, somebody moved towards him, his head was bowed down in sorrow but it was yanked up with his hair. You need to move forward and look up when you are been spoken to, do you understand? the voice yelled at him. He simply nodded and moved his heavy tired feet forward, one step dragged after the other. He was sold into Portiphar's house.

Portiphar was Joseph's new master and he was a good master. He treated Joseph with a little bit of dignity and humanity, soon Joseph felt a little bit confident, he owed everything to his master who had been good to him. He worked his way up to his master's heart until he was falsely accused of sleeping with his master's wife. He was bundled up to prison, again he worked his way up until his time was up. He eventually found favour with the king and he became the Prime Minister.

Sometimes when challenges are overwhelming, it becomes part and parcel of our individuality, then we begin to live a life of mediocrity. At other times, we become too engrossed in the trials that when deliverance and freedom comes, we find it hard to let go.

We live, we work hard, we are committed to what we do, we are ambitious and bring out the best ideas to satisfy our employers, families and friends yet we constantly face rejection, betrayals, challenges on a daily basis, life seem unfair.

But if we look within and around, we will understand that in hindsight, where we should have let God control the wheel of our lives, we try to control things by ourselves. Our choices often times lead to terrible consequences.

When Joseph was sold into slavery, I imagine that he never thought, he would ever see the daylight ever again. But the betrayal actually pushed him into the limelight, his siblings eventually bowed down at his feet. Joseph eventually became the head of the family and the deliverer of many.

Do you find yourself in an inevitable situation? Are you being rejected by families, friends, colleagues and employers? Do you find yourself in a Joseph situation, or any other situation worse than betrayal, rejection or failure of any kind?

Whatever situation you have found yourself, I implore you to turn it to God, believe that HE knows the best for your life after all HE is your creator, the beginning and the end, the first and the last, there’s nothing going on in your life that he does not know about and HIS word says that EVERYTHING works together for good for those who love God, HE is working everything out in your situation and circumstances, after all every disappointment is a blessing, a blessing in disguise.

Have a great week!


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