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Recognizing Karmic Patterns and Releasing the Bonds

Updated on October 20, 2015
myself via Wikimedia Commons
myself via Wikimedia Commons

Karma is defined as the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding the fate in future existences. So what does that mean? It means any positive or negative thoughts and actions we had in the past will affect our present reality. Essentially “We reap what we’ve sown.” Some believe that the karmic human cycle is a span of 7 years, which mean how you treated others or acted 7 years ago will determine your current situations and interactions with people. I find this inaccurate and the reason I say this is that we do have free will and within any time period anything we do can be altered for the better. So let’s say 3 years ago, you were lost and treated others harshly but have made strides to change that behavior it’s possible to override any bad karma you have accrued. Now that was an example of current life time, but there is past life time karma and this requires some in depth soul searching to understand how this works. Let’s discuss the different types of Karma.

  • Past Life Time Karmic Cycles: These are any thoughts, actions, or anything else we may have done that impacted others in a positive or negative manner.

  • Current Life Time Karmic Cycles: These are any current things we have done in our current or present.

  • Future Life Time Karmic Cycles: This deals with reincarnations and anything we’ve done in the past will affect our future reincarnations. It’s a cycle.

Before coming to this reality (earth) our souls work with the divine in arranging a pre-determined soul contract which outlines the lessons we will learn. Many people refer to these as lessons aka Karma. Karma is factored in to this. Let’s use an example and say in a past life you never learned how to love and caused much pain to people who loved you. This could explain why you are having many issues in this current life time with this lesson. This is like cause and effect. Because you were unable to understand the true meaning of love you now have to work harder on achieving happiness in this area.

Today’s society uses Karma to state whatever pain or suffering you have caused another will return to you but it’s a little more complicated. Since Karma has no expiration date you may find yourself working on your spiritual journey to correct these problems years, decades, or even a life time. So how do you know what are your karmic lessons that need working on? Easy, ask yourself what in your current life are you struggling with the most. There’s a common theme among many and here’s a list.

  • Relationships – Relationships with family, partner or friends. Let’s say you’ve endured years of dating people but never found the one true love. The one person you felt you knew cheated on you. This is quite probably a karmic lesson. In the past you might have taken someone for granted or cheated on someone. Now you are experiencing exactly what you may have done in a past life time. Your lesson here is to break the cycle. Learn from it. This is why so many people say why me? Why can’t I find love? It’s not that you are not worthy but something in your past was changed and is now making you learn things the hard way.

  • Financial Security – Money we all need it and it’s essential for the most part if you want to live comfortably. Many find themselves in certain situations where money is hard to find or scarce even with employment. This is another common theme in Karma. In the past let’s say you gambled all your money away instead of providing for your family. Now you are struggling to keep a job, pay rent, etc. This is a karmic lesson. You didn’t care about the repercussions of your addiction had on your family and because of that now you have no financial stability.

Now let’s look at things that create BAD karma:

  • Negative Actions/Behaviors –

    • Gossiping

    • Rumors

    • Lying to yourself and others

    • holding on to hate, anger, and resentment

    • Loathing of yourself or others,

    • Addictions

    • Essentially anything that has a lower vibration will create bad karma.

    • Hurting others

    • Showing no compassion

    • Being unfair

    • Physically, mentally, or verbally abusive towards others

  • Knowing Right from Wrong – Although you know something you’re doing is wrong and you still do it because of temptation.

Next, we will look at things that create GOOD karma:

  • Positive Behaviors and Actions

    • Loving others

    • Showing compassion

    • Complimenting others

    • Caring for others

    • Listening

    • Being Thankful

    • Gratefulness

    • Offer forgiveness

    • Volunteering

    • Giving back to others

    • Selfless acts

  • Now many people can spend a life time working out their karma and karmic lessons. Many people struggle because they are not sure or don’t believe in reincarnation or past lives. But an essential part of breaking karmic bonds from the past is forgiveness. Forgiving others and yourself. Don’t hold on to the negative emotions. It’s often easier said than done but because we are human we normally feel anger or dislike of people who have hurt us. By releasing this pain and hurt you not only forgive them but break negative karma. Negative emotions are powerful and have strings that attach our karmic lessons to our soul and this is why we sometimes struggle removing bad karma. Learn to LOVE others and yourself. LOVE is powerful above anything else in the world. Many people who are spiritually gifted reach out to psychics or mediums who can access the Akashic records as these records hold the information of previous, past life’s, karmic cycles, and etc. So if you believe, you might want to reach out to your guides and ask them specifically what you want seen in order to learn from your past karma. Here’s a mini prayer I’ve made to help with karmic lessons.


Angels from up above

Please fill me with your love

I ask you to help with my Karma whether it’s good or bad,

I release all bad karmic attachments, bonds, and feelings

I embrace and replace it all with good karmic attachments, happiness, and love

Guide me and let me see the unseen

To fix what is broken and shattered

Mend, heal, and gracefully accept all the things that matter.

Angels from up above I trust and believe

I free myself from the burdens and guilt

I embrace all the good karma in this second, in this hour,

I reclaim the light and power.

Know that everything in this world is intertwined and connected. Karma is very real and not this made up fairy tale. Make a list of all the good things and bad things in your life and go from there. Sometimes we are visual learners and if it’s on paper it is easier to recognize or understand the areas we need to focus on. You have the POWER!


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    • profile image

      Chamar4 2 years ago

      Great article! Love the pray! Thank you Raymond!.

    • profile image

      Cheryl 2 years ago

      Great article once again!! Love love the prayer! Thank you Raymond!