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Recognizing an incarnation of God!

Updated on January 7, 2013

Saibaba in his younger days!

How we can identify the Supreme?

A stranger always introduce himself when he meets some unknown person! Otherwise he can not pursue his work. We need the help of many in day to day work. Naturally we stumble upon new faces and new environment. So, in order to make our task easy, we introduce ourselves as "I am so and so from such and such place. I have come for this purpose. When an incarnation of God descends on earth in the form of human being, ordinary mortals like us can never recognize him. On the other hand, if some body tells us that he is an incarnation of God, our first reaction would be to call the mental asylum! We do not accept the fact, that God can come on earth in a human form.

Here i am reminded of a funny example, Saibaba once narrated to a gathering. A buffalo can think of God as a buffalo only. In order to guide the human beings, God can come as a human being only, acting like him, conversing with him and clearing his doubts. Here the readers may be confronted with a doubt. In every scripture, it is mentioned that God is 'formless'. How can God who is formless can assume a form. If you apply the principles of logic, a formless one can assume any form as per his choice. If God is an embodied being, or with a specific form, he can come only in that form. But we all know that form is not eternal. Hence whenever God chooses, he assumes a form suitable for the particular time and region and the particular mind set of people. Here i am bound to clarify certain points. In the Treta Yuga,(many lakhs of years before), the human beings were of fouteen feet height. We won't believe it but it is a fact. But in this Kaliyuga, in the present age, the normal height is 6 feet or so. Some may be little taller but the general height structure would be around 6 feet only. Thus Sri Rama, an incarnation of Lord was fourteen feet tall and when the Lord assumed human form in Dwapara Yuga as Sri Krishna, his height was lesser. In the present yuga, we have heard about many incarnations and most of them were around six feet only.

Reverting to our topic, "Unless an incarnation specifically tells about his identity, none in the world can surmise it. Sri Rama never revealed his identity and he lived as a prince in the Kingdom of Ayodhya. He observed the tenets of righteousness perfectly as per the dictates of scriptures. Only when he was in the deep forests, some fortunate sages could recognize his divinity and interacted with him and got solved many of their doubts in spiritual subjects. On the other hand Sri Krishna clearly told many that he is the supreme One came in the guise of human being. He performed many rare miracles even as a baby boy. He killed many demons sent by the King Kamsa to eliminate Krishna. He protected all who surrendered their mind to him irrespective of their flaws. He cured a hunch back instantaneously by touching her and lifting her. She became a beautiful maiden though previously she was ugly. He killed a huge elephant which came on the way to kill him. He fought with many boxers and killed them. He killed the King Kamsa in single handed combat. None were equal to him. He taught Arjuna, the immortal songs of Bagawat Gita during the great Mahabarath war and he has shown his cosmic form to Arjuna.

In the present age, in the West, we had Jesus Christ who proclaimed to the world his identity with the Father in Heaven. He performed many astounding miracles, raised Lazarus from death bed. He rose from his tomb on the third day. Again during the present time, we had Bagawan Sri Sathya Saibaba, who in clear unmistakable terms informed the gathering of people that He is the one who was predicted to come in many scriptures of many religions. He has come to protect humanity from destruction. He has come to Unite the entire mankind under one umbrella of Love. None is alien to me. I know every one of you, your past, present and future. Reap the maximum benefit from my presence here on the earth. When some atheists questioned his credentials he said, "I have to identify myself, otherwise how you will know me". To instill faith in you, i perform many mysterious things which you call miracle. These are only my 'calling cards'. Once you reach me, you will know that I am the in dweller of your Heart and I guide you to eternity through many teachings provided you sincerely follow them!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 5 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Sairam! i agree with your views. Whatever we may be, Swami never leaves us even for a moment. Out of illusion, we often forget his Divine Presence and remember Him only during troubles. We must try to contemplate Him for ever! Thank you for the nice comments.

    • poornimasrinath profile image

      poornimasrinath 5 years ago from Midrand, Johannesburg, RSA

      Many thoughts flooded my mind when I read this post. Growing up with brothers/ cousins who were very bad critics of Swami was very difficult for me. Swami had silently been watching the fluctuations that arose in my mind at various times with regards to my faith in him. At this age when I look back I wonder how Swami never took me out of His circle of grace even when my mind was oscillating about His divinity. It is hard for any one to figure out God when He takes an avatar until He wills that we identify Him. We are lucky that Swami willed that we identify Him in this birth.

      I can feel that this is a hermetic writing that has come out of pure experience.