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Reflecting on 2010 for the Better

Updated on January 3, 2011
Staying on target for the new year
Staying on target for the new year

Making Your New Year's Resolution Count

Often times I think that people do not take New Year's resolutions seriously. I found that in thinking through your resolutions you could enter the new year with a lot of problems solved or finding, at least a way of beginning to work on problems and situations that can make a positive impact in your life. It makes no difference what you need to resolve. It could be your relationships to your friends, your relatives, your co-workers, your spouse or partner. Your New Year's resolution starts out with a hard core serious look at what you need to change and improve in your life and an honest, reasonable way to do it. If this requires help from others whom you feel would be willing to help you do not be to proud to take that road. I believe that each new year should help you begin to want to clean out your old casche, so to speak. Don't argue with yourself about what you know there is room for improvement of. Stop fighting the things that your closest friends and love ones have been telling you that you need to change or improve or just work on. Im not speaking about people who are not close to you or who are always hostile and that are constant complainers and pessimests. This is your time for self renewal. Not only think about whom you should forgive but forgive yourself for whatever you need to revive and start out by giving yourself a second chance, a new lease on life. Take some time for yourself to meditate, read about the people whom you admire and that are your minters and heros, take some time to free up your mind from stress, take deep breaths and prepare yourself to enter into a new phase of your life. In other words out with old and in with the new, always keeping the things that always worked for you. Seek love and I believe you can find it. Open your mind and heart to a better, more positive outlook on life. With determination, I believe you can make and discover changes that you never thought you could make. Set reasonable goals and limits and work on your potentials. Open the door of change in the new year of 2011.


Don't Let Pride Destroy Your Relationships

Making up is the beginning of renewed and continued love for each other
Making up is the beginning of renewed and continued love for each other

A New Year's quote


“The man who will not execute his resolutions when they are fresh upon him can have no hope from them afterwards; they will be dissipated, lost and perish in the hurry and scurry of the world, or sunk in the slough of indolence”


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