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Reflections of the Soul

Updated on September 6, 2013

Little girl with the great big eyes, wrapped in the embodiment of years on this earth

With the wide-eyed innocence and trust in people, far beyond what is “rightly deemed sensible”.

Little girl with the velvet-covered steely grit of years beyond her years,

Battled at every turn with the path chosen by her soul to be the challenge to which she would rise.

Years and years of adversity and sorrow, temptation, fate, and choices none-too-wise, yet in the

Spiritual bent of it all, the proper choices for her growth, the destiny designed before her existence

To get her back to whence she came.

The steely grit stronger and more confident and more defiantly determined to never give in, never give up and never let go of the strength that become stronger because of the path she chose.

And yet, despite the adversity, she still believes in the innate greatness of humanity. She still believes in the innate goodness of all mankind. How can this be? What gives her this resolve to never wilt or reject the positives that dwell within the multitudes of people that inherit this earth?

It is her knowing that we see the world as we are, not as it is. She sees the world as innately beautiful, innately strong and empowered, positive and confident and beneficial when she and the world awaken to the realization that those inherent gifts have never left her nor them - realizing that she and they are but one.

Only to wish and dream and adamantly choose to never give up, never stop believing, never cease to make a difference, a beneficial, positive, loving difference in a world that is shadowed from its own Light. She is remembering that all the darkness in the world cannot dim even the smallest light from the candle that is her soul. And so shall it be.


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