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Walk, Sit, Stand of Psalm 1 and Ephesians

Updated on December 23, 2013

Introduction and Consideration of the Good Man, Adam, in Psalm One

The Good Man versus the Consummate Fool: In this first Psalm which introduces the rest of the book to us, we are basically being shown the attributes of two men, the blessed good man and the wicked man, the consummate fool. This Psalm also forms a triad in conjunction with Psalms 2 and 3. The Good Man of Psalm 1 becomes the Anointed One, the Messiah, in Psalm 2, and then he suffers as the Suffering Servant, in Psalm 3. These characterizations will be the subjects throughout the rest of the Psalms. In the subjective aspect, Psalms 1, 2, and 3 could be considered as the introduction to the rest of the book.

Walk, Stand, Sit: The Good man of Psalm 1 can initially be seen as our first ancestor, Adam, Adam was created good, he walked, stood and sat with the Word of God before falling into sin. In Adam's original sinless condition, we can assume that he delighted in the Law of God and meditated on it day and night as the psalm points out that the blessed man 'does'. Adam' originally. was as a green, productive tree, planted by the living waters of life in Eden, As he is compared with this green tree, we are told that his fruit was a delight and his leaves did not fall and perish.

Adam's Choice. But, Adam made bad choices as time went on; In Adam's original sinless condition, he first of all did not WALK with the ungodly , he separated himself; secondly, he did not STAND with, in this case, the only sinner around, Satan; and, finally, he did not reach the point of having SAT with the consummate fool, the scoffer, represented in this case again as Satan. Adam' originally. was as a green, productive tree, planted by the living waters of life in Eden, This concept of the good man in comparison to a good tree is found elsewhere in the scriptures, most obviously in Psalm 91 where again the text comments of the just man who abides and the evil man who perishes.

Our Choice: Thus, we have a choice, we can be as good man; he is the one that we have to emulate, to follow on the path progressing towards the Kingdom of Heaven. But, at the same time, we have to be careful to ignore the deceitful whispers of the evil one as he tries to attract us towards sin, in making us concerned about the world around us as an active participant while ignoring the life of prayer which overcomes the enemy.

A Blessed Man At the Foot of the Cross


The Blessed Man in the Book of Ephesians

In Psalm 1, we see what the Good man does not do in the sequence of walk, stand, and sit. In the Book of Ephesians the order is changed to sit, walk, stand. The only good man portrayed in the Old Testament who follows the wisdom of Psalms and Proverbs, the injunctions of the Prophets, and the commandments of the Books of Moses, the Pentateuch, was perfected on the Cross of Calvary. No one is good, all fall short, yet few, if any, call out to the mercy of God. But, the good man appears, the eternal God provides that good One by the only possible way, by one of the members of the Holy Trinity, the Son of God. God the Father begets His Son into human history on the time line in the Power of the other member of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

Now, at a later point on the time line of created existence In the Book of Ephesians, we are confronted with a good man, good only because of his being in Jesus. Saint Paul in the writing of this Epistle first shows us this believer being seated; he sat (past tense) with the Good Man, Jesus Christ, thereby demonstrating his position as being in Christ Who is seated on the throne of glory (See St Matthew 10:32 for the in-ness and Ephesians 2:5 for the seating).

Then we see this believer living life in this world, he is in the world but not of it. Because we are positionally seated with Christ and yet, still in the world and walking on the time line, we have to recognize that our walk is to be in meekness and lowliness, humble. We follow the commandment of Christ and walk in love. As we walk in the light, the light of transfiguration, we thereby please the Lord.

Finally we stand in Christ with an attitude that defeats the enemy of our souls, the evil one.

There will be more to follow.


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