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Reiki and Other Healing Methods—It All Amounts to Energy, Love and God

Updated on May 12, 2013

If you are attracted to energy healing now, it's likely that you were a healer in past lives. Perhaps you did this work, for example, as a Native American, Eastern Indian, Asian, or in a lost civilization such as Atlantis.

Everyone has some healing ability, and some have more than others. This is not a "gift" as some people call it. That would imply that some great force in the Universe arbitrarily gave that one person a "gift" instead of to another person, and things don't work like that in the spirit world. There's always a reason why someone has a talent, and that reason is largely because the talent was developed over lifetimes. They've done it before, many times.

Regarding Reiki, this is an energy healing modality that can only be transferred from teacher to student because the teacher uses specific symbols to open the student to the Reiki energy. Those with a natural talent for healing will be able to use the energy more so than those without a talent, but usually those with a talent are drawn to Reiki.

It's possible, in our opinion, that Reiki was one of the first energy healing methods, but it didn't go by the name of Reiki until it was rediscovered by a monk in Japan long ago. Reiki is a great way to access healing ability.

There are many other healing methods. Some of them are just Reiki or other forms of "hands-on" healing with a new name and techniques added. But all stem from ancient energy healing methods used in Egypt, Atlantis, and elsewhere. It's all basically the same thing: Energy/Love/God.

If you would like to practice healing work, we recommend starting with some research about ancient energy healing methods, including the first known methods that were used in India, Egypt, and with Native Americans. Learning about these will stimulate your subconscious memories of when you were a healer in past lives. Follow your intuition and you will be guided about what to do next in order to develop your healing abilities.

By the way, avoid all drugs if you want to keep your intuition clear and open to your healing energy as they will cut you off from "the source" (i.e., White Light, or God) and attract negative energy.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 9 years ago from West By God

      Wow! After my awakening I got lots of powers or gifts or whatever you choose to call them. I just posted on another hub about my ability to see whree a person is not right in their body and tht I can heal by thought and not be in the same room as they are--sometimes not even in the same house. When I heal through this thought or concentration it takes alot out of me and I am tired the whole nest day. I do protection before and after I do that just so you know that I don't allow dark forces to enter my space.

      I am in the proces of writing about my awakening only finding out that I had some of my powers or whatever you call them way before my Awakening. The Awakening was an open door to what was to come the rest of my life and to know that I am OK and everything that happenes to me wheather it be bad or good depending on my view at the time is going to be OK. There is a greater love that I experienced and it can't even compare to any kind of love here on the Earth!

      Thanks for this hub! I enjoyed it and it gave me a sense of confidence.

    • bright_sorcerer profile image

      bright_sorcerer 9 years ago from London, Canada

      You make some excellent points here, especially regarding the mistaken notion that many believe as fact - that certain abilities, like energy healing, are gifts for the few select individuals. If we've been given an inclination towards - or a strong desire to learn about - a particular path, it's essential that one follows that. It has always arrived for a reason and always to help us accomplish our purpose in this lifetime. I know that you are well aware of this but it was a startling and empowering revelation for me, when it arrived, that gave me the confidence to open the doors that presented themselves, even though many of my "friends" became annoyed that I wasn't "apparently" making a real commitment to one thing. The reason for that has become very plain, especially during this most recent phase of learning I find myself in. Energy healing and working with my own chakras really did have a profound effect on my "awakening" so thanks for the opportunity to share that publicly. Love your hubs! Blessings.